[pjw] ACTION: Rally Sat August 15 @ noon, to Support Iran Nuclear Agreement, Pioneer Courthouse Square

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Thu Aug 13 16:54:55 EDT 2015

Last night the Iraq Affinity Group agreed to cosponsor the below event 
calling for support on the Iran nuclear deal. It is happening Saturday (2 
days from now!) at noon in Pioneer Courthouse Square. As mentioned in a 
previous email, this does not mean that we are ignoring the hypocrisy of 
the US telling someone else whether or not they can have nuclear weapons. 
It also, we noted last night, doesn't mean we appreciate that the 
Non-Proliferation treaty and this deal allow for Iran to produce nuclear 
power plants, since there's no such thing as "away" for nuclear waste. 
Finally, this is also not a litmus test of support for any individual or 
political party-- this is our way of supporting a diplomatic initiative 
that is designed to avoid more war.

That said, here's the announcement for the event, which was generated by 
our friends at Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland over a list moderated by 
the American Iranian Friendship Council.
--dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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Portland Will Rally August 15 to Support Iran Nuclear Agreement

At Pioneer Square in downtown Portland at noon on Saturday August 15, 
2015, people will gather to show support for the historic Iran nuclear 
agreement reached several weeks ago between Iran and the UN Security 
Council's five permanent members (China, France, Russia, the United 
Kingdom, and the United States) plus Germany.  The accord calls on Iran to 
limit its nuclear activities to allow only a nuclear energy program in 
exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.  The lifting of sanctions 
is so important as Iran s economy has greatly suffered since the 
imposition of international sanctions.  The accord has been heralded by 
nuclear scientists worldwide as being strong and verifiable.

In spite of the fact that this agreement will make the world and the 
Middle East a safer place and allow for the beginning of peaceful 
relations between Iran and the United States, intense, multi-faceted, 
expensive campaigns to kill this agreement and the prospect for a 
sustainable peace have been unleashed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 
and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). This in spite of the 
fact that a majority of American Jews - and a strong majority of Americans 
in general - support this agreement.

President Obama has warned, the alternative to this agreement is another 
billion-dollar war in the Middle East. The continuation of enmity with 
Iran could result in further destabilization in the region, an increase in 
migration and an escalation of the refugee crisis, as well as a growth in 
the threat of terrorism and extremism.

Portland organizers strongly support the negotiated agreement between 
world powers and Iran.  We share the conviction that a negotiated 
agreement is the only way to alleviate international concern about Iran's 
nuclear program and avert war.

At the same time that Portland rallies to show support for the Iran 
agreement, thousands of people in more than 40 cities around the world 
will gather in a "Global Day of Peace with Iran"  to also show their 
support for this historic nuclear agreement.

See also: http://www.supportirandeal.com/

The Portland rally is co-sponsored by American Iranian Friendship 
Council-PDX, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Friends of 
Sabeel North America, Jewish Voice for Peace-PDX, Oregon Physicians for 
Social Responsibility, Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and Peace and Justice 
Works Iraq Affinity Group.


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