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(NOTE: Adds 2nd speaker, Becky Luening; link is to updated flyer)

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE          July 2, 2015

                            "Report from Viet Nam"
         with Desiree Hellegers (Peace and Justice Works Board Member)
                        Saturday, July 18, 2015 2:30 pm
                    St. Francis Dining Hall, SE 11th & Pine

    Please join Peace and Justice Works member Desiree Hellegers for a
    "Report from Viet Nam" on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at St. Francis Dining
    Hall, SE 11th & Pine. Desiree traveled on the 40 year anniversary of
    the end of the "war" with Veterans for Peace Chapter 160, witnessing
    the effects of Agent Orange, the continuing threat of Unexploded
    Ordinance (which have killed over 60,000 people since the withdrawal of
    American Troops), and the return of Monsanto, which manufactured Agent
    Orange. Desiree helped found the Center for Social and Environmental
    Justice at WSU Vancouver.

    Desiree will be joined at the talk by Portland activist Becky Luening,
    who has been with the Vietnam Friendship Village Project USA since
    1996. Luening will speak about the Project, which provides therapy and
    medical care for over 100 children and 40 adults with various needs.

    Note: Desiree's talk is scheduled to take place after the Peace and
    Justice Works summer quarterly meeting, which begins with a vegetarian
    potluck from noon to 12:30 PM, with the meeting from 12:30 to 2:00, in
    the same location at St. Francis Dining Hall.

    Get more information from Peace and Justice Works at 503-236- 3065 or
    pjw @pjw.info. A flyer is available at

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