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Greetings again

This afternoon we posted downloadable flyers and posters for the October 
11 rally and march on our website.

There are two versions of each size, the "Another world" and "We are 
greater" versions.

FLYERS for October 11:
      Flyer A-"We are greater"
      Flyer B-"Another world"

POSTERS for October 11
      (enlarge by 155% to 11x17):
      Poster A-"We are greater"
      Poster B-"Another world"

You will note that among the 16 organizations now supporting the event, 
one is Black Lives Matter Portland-- an important connection of issues 
that PJW has been working on for 23 years. BLM is expected to have a 
speaker at the rally.

You can find the fully updated version of the below calendar listing, the 
"in order of appearance" and alphabetical supporter lists, and the flyers 
all at 

We should have a facebook event page ready soon too, for those who like 
that sort of thing.
--dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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So, it MAY be that it's less likely for a war with Iran thanks to this 
morning's news; 2 weeks ago Politico noted that one of the "selling point" for 
the Iran deal was that if Iran slips up it can be used as a reason to go to 

Nonetheless, we still have ongoing US wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, as 
well as the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories, the war come home 
in the form of police shootings and militarized crackdowns on protests against 
said shootings, crumbling infrastructure, etc.

As such PJW and other groups are gearing up for a multi-issue mobilization 
centered around the 14th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan (Oct 7) to 
be held Sunday October 11-- please share this calendar listing and if your 
group wants to endorse or cosponsor let us know here at PJW.

dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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Calendar Listing

For immediate release      September 8, 2015

"Call Out for Justice: End the Wars" Rally and March
  Sunday, October 11, 2015, 1:00 PM

Peace and social justice groups from the Portland area will be mobilizing 
around the 14th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan with a march and 
rally on Sunday, October 11, 2014, "Call Out for Justice: End the Wars." The 
event will begin at 1:00 PM at Shemanski Park (the South Park Blocks at Salmon 

Organizers have laid out a clear set of issues related to the event's theme.

Call Out for Justice: Stop the Wars
   * Overseas
   * On the people
   * On Human Rights
   * On the Planet

* FREE Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine-- Stop the Drones
* REDIRECT Money for Human Needs
* SUPPORT Women, Sexual Minorities, Youth, Immigrant and Racial Justice
* RESIST Police Violence and State Surveillance
* STABILIZE the Climate

  Cosponsors of the event include Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group,
  Portland Jobs with Justice, Living Earth, Occupy Portland Elder Caucus,
  Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland
  and others.

Endorsers include Recruiter Watch, Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group, 
Portland Copwatch and Veterans for Peace Chapter 72.

For more information or to get involved contact Peace and Justice Works at 
503-236-3065 or email pjw at pjw.info, Watch for updates on 

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