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Fri Sep 25 18:57:17 EDT 2015

RSVP/VOLUNTEER for "Call Out for Justice" mobilization October 11

Below is a list of volunteer tasks needed for the Call Out for Justice: 
End the Wars event coming up just two weeks from this weekend!

If you can help with any of the items below, contact us or the appropriate 
point person if contact information is given.

This information (and more!) are up at the volunteer tab for the event at 
our website:

The main event page <http://www.pjw.info/afghanistan14yl.html> has also 
been updated to include all 37 current cosponsors and endorsers.

Dan Handelman
Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group
for the October 11 Mobilization organizing committee

Call Out for Justice: End the Wars Rally & March
Sunday, October 11, 2,015



Schedule of events (as of 9/25/15, subject to change):

      RALLY at 1 PM in Shemanski Park (South Park Blocks at Salmon St)
      MARCH at 1:30 PM
     MUSIC at 3:30 PM / or end of march if it is later


     ........ BETWEEN NOW AND OCTOBER 11 (Day of info, below)



Downloadable .pdf posters/ leaflets:

FLYERS for October 11 (8.5x11):

      Flyer A-"We are greater"
      Flyer B-"Another world"

POSTERS for October 11
      (enlarge by 155% to 11x17):

      Poster A-"We are greater"
      Poster B-"Another world"


Sites for poster pickup:

           Peace and Justice Works office 2807 SE Stark     503-236-3065
(in folder on door, larger quantities in blue drop box by door, call if 
you need large numbers)
           Jobs with Justice office   1500 NE Irving St, #585 503-236-5573 
(call for
open hours, limited numbers)


--If your organization isn't already on board with the October 11 event 
and would like to be listed as a cosponsor or endorser, let us know.

Cosponsors are expected to donate $50 or more, and can reserve a space at 
one of our provided tables upon request. Endorsers just say "we support 
your event" and your name will be added to the list  (though it may be cut 
off of some publicity for space reasons).
If endorsers wish to table at the rally, send $10-25 sliding scale.
Tables will be provided . *No sales or donations can be made in the 

NOTE: For various legal and political reasons, only non-profit cosponsors 
and endorsers may table
(no for-profit businesses), and for-profit businesses and political 
parties may endorse, but not co-
The four fiscal cosponsors of this event are: <br>
(non-501-c-3)--Portland Peaceful Response Coalition / (contact PJW for 
War Resisters League / 2000 NE 42nd #224 / Portland 97213;<br>
East Timor Action Network-Portland / 2105 SE Taylor / Portland 97214;<br>
(501-c-3)--Peace and Justice Works / PO Box 42456 / Portland 97242.<p>



--Call 15-25 people or more people to turn them out PJW volunteers/members 
    Peace and Justice Works  503-236-3065 other organizations may also do 
phone banking


(minimum of 15 total needed) (Point Person: Joe Keating)

We need fifteen peacekeepers for the October 11 Peace Rally and March!

...Peacekeepers are needed to coordinate the safety of pedestrians and 
automobiles along the route. ...This task is vital to ensure a safe and 
efficient rally and march.

...It is necessary to get coordinated before the event to go over the 
basics of peacekeeping and the logistics of the traffic requirements.

...To that end, there may be a training for those who have not done this 
before, time and location TBA; RSVP to get the location to Joe Keating 
503-234-2613 or to Peace and Justice Works (iraq at pjw.info).

...Just basic nonviolence, de-escalation stuff, but you must attend a 
training if you have not before.



Details to be announced


--If you have a few dollars to send our way it will help cover expenses 
for this event, send your
check to Peace and Justice Works, PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242 and 
mark it "October 11th
event" in the memo field.

(Donations are also accepted at Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, War 
Resisters League,
  and East Timor Action Network/Portland)


..........DAY OF RALLY (October 11):


(Point Person: Dan Handelman, Peace and Justice Works)

....SET-UP rally assembly site
(11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at South Park Blocks, 2-3 people needed):

--At the South Park Blocks: Need two people or more to help be sure 
traffic and pedestrians and arriving folks know where to go. Help set up 
the sound equipment, direct Cosponsoring and Endorsing groups to their 
assigned table spaces, help them unload and take off quickly to park.

....CLEAN-UP at the park
(4:00 PM-4:30 PM, 2-3 people needed):

--At the South Park Blocks: Stay at the end; help break down sound system 
and help groups get their literature packed away, and make sure the Park 
is clean.


(12:00 PM-1:45 PM; 3:15 PM-4:00 PM)

--At the South Park Blocks and First Congregational Church (one block 
south), we need someone to post signage and help guide people into the 
Church, where restrooms for the event will be located.


(Point Person: Joe Keating):

On Rally and March day (Saturday, October 11) peacekeepers will gather in 
South Park Blocks in Shemanski Park. There will likely be a brush-up 
training, and
perhaps an extra orientation for peacekeepers, check back for details.

Dress warmly, prepared for rain. Bring a sack lunch, a bottle of water, 
and your cell phone if you have one. Some folks will be on security during 
the rally. Expect to be "on duty" at least until 3:45 PM when the march is 
expected to end back at the park.

(Point Person: TBA)

help pass the buckets to make more rallies possible!
(min. 10 needed; on-site training required, time/location TBA)

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