[pjw] MEETING: Peace and Justice Works 24th Annual Meeting Sat. Feb 20

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Sun Feb 14 16:47:35 EST 2016

I thought I sent this out in early January along with the text of the Dec. 
29 PJW UPDATE. Apparently I did not. So, this is a reminder for those of 
you on the snail mail list and an invitation to those of you who are not. 
Hope to see you next Saturday!
dan h
peace and justice works

Saturday, February 20, 2016
12 noon (potluck); 12:30 PM (meeting)
Social Justice Action Center, 400 SE 12th
(formerly the Red and Black Cafe)

We invite you to attend Peace and Justice Works' 24th annual meeting at the
Social Justice Action Center, 400 SE 12th on Saturday, February 20. The 
meeting begins with a 12 noon vegetarian potluck (bring vegetarian food 
and non-alcoholic drink to share), followed by the business part of the 
meeting from 12:30-2:30 PM.

Proposed agenda for the meeting:

--updates on 2015/2016 activities from Affinity Groups (Iraq, Copwatch,

--election of board of directors and officers*

(Nominees: Linda Tomassi, president/Authorized Check Signer [ACS]; Dan
Handelman, secretary/ACS; Desiree Hellegers, ACS; and Jeff Clenaghan, ACS;
Shelley Bedell);

--financial report, office updates, volunteer outreach.

If you are new to PJW, the annual meeting, like our other quarterly
meetings, is a good place to find out more information and plug in.

*--Voting members: if the mailing you received has a sticker reading 
"PM" or "VM" (paid/volunteer member) on it and the date is 1/15 or 
earlier, you need to renew

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