[pjw] INFO: Today's historical document, Iraq 25 Years later

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Sat Jan 9 19:39:09 EST 2016

Hi again Iraq Affinity Group supporters
In our continued lead-up to the "End 25 Years of Killing: US Out of Iraq" 
demonstration next Friday at 4:30 PM, today's historical document is a 
flyer from a protest against the No-Fly Zones imposed by the US over the 
north and south of Iraq that took place in 1992. Note the date: September 
11. By this time in history:

--Iraq had been out of Kuwait for 18 months
--President George HW Bush was running against Gov. Bill Clinton
   for office (the action targeted both headquarters as both had
   pledged to keep bombing Iraq)
--Peace and Justice Works had formed as Portland Peaceworks
--CAUSMIME became CAUSMA, the Coalition Against US Military Aggression

Here's the flyer:

Remember too that computers were not very sophisticated back then so this 
flyer was laid out using cut and paste...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing folks out Friday, and of course Monday 
at the Guantanamo aciton as well.

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