[pjw] UPDATES: Today's Guantanamo action, KBOO interview 9 AM, more history

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Mon Jan 11 10:02:47 EST 2016

Reminder we will be at SE Hawthorne and Grand from 3:30-5:30 PM rain or 
shine today; hourly forecast indicates it may actually be clear for most 
of that time.

Just FYI, three Guantanamo detainees were released last week 
after we drafted our news release, so the number I sent yesterday should 
have been 104, not 107.

The fact sheet we will be handing out today can be found at

For those of you reading this in the early morning, KBOO's Old Mole 
Variety Hour will feature an interview with John Linder, one of the 
steering committee members of CAUSMIME (the Coalition Against US Military 
Intervention in the Middle East) which organized against Gulf War I. This 
is both in recognition of the 25 year anniversary coming up and our event 
on Friday at 4:30 PM. If you miss it the hour should be archived on line 
soon at

And finally, in today's history lesson of 25 years of the US occupation of 
Iraq, here's a flyer from our 2001 event marking 10 years since the war 
began, which includes a very interesting fact sheet on p. 2 outlining the 
similarities between the situation in 1991 and the situation in 2001:

I also found that the announcement for that event is still posted on our 
website at:

That event wwas well attended and well received, and we created a timeline 
stretching from ancient history to 2001 which I've been using in part to 
select these historical documents. Starting tomorrow we inch forward to 
Iraq War II in 2003 and beyond...

See you leter?
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