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The march and rally that PJW co-sponsored on October 11 last year with 43 
other groups was captured on livestream and by my colleagues at Flying 
Focus Video Collective. We finally got an hour-long program edited out of 
the nearly 3-hour event. If you weren't able to go, or did go and want to 
see it again, here are the playback times on Comcast. If PJW can raise the 
$75 to cover the "streaming rights" we can make it more widely available 
to folks; if you want to donate some or all of that amount please note 
that's the reason for your donation.

(Which reminds me, we raised $45 toward the rights for the Sept 2014 US 
Policy Forum we organized, but are still seeking $30 more to get that up 
on line as well...)

You may recognize a lot of the video description, as I cribbed it from the 
PJW report back on the October 11 event. 
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14 Years in Afghanistan protest this week and next on the Video Bus

On October 11, 2015 a the "Call Out for Justice: End the Wars" connected many 
issues and reaffirming there are people in Portland who want to see the 14 year 
long war in Afghanistan come to an end. The rally began with a few biting 
lyrical songs from the Raging Grannies. Host Theresa Mitchell kept the 
information and energy going with her inimitable style as she uses on 
"Presswatch" each Thursday on KBOO. Sam Kahl, a Syrian American activist, 
talked about the big picture of US interests in Afghanistan, Syria, and the 
various theaters of chaos that allow global conflicts and economic issues to 
fester to the benefit of the few. Adrienne Cabouet of Black Lives Matter 
Portland connected police brutality to the oppressive economic system of the 
US. Ary LaVallee, an Iraq War Veteran who works on environmental justice, 
challenged the crowd to think about what oppressed people might have to do in 
the worst of circumstances.

Mo Mack, local balladeer, sang a song for peace.

The march then headed out, stopping at Central Precinct to chant against police 
racism, and again at the World Trade Center to talk about economic justice. At 
the houseless rest area Right 2 Dream Too, chants included "Housekeys, not 
handcuffs!" Chant leaders from Portland Peaceful Response Coalition and Peace 
and Justice Works kept the crowd alert, heading up dozens of short but 
thought-provoking statements to share with those observing. As the March 
returned to Shemanski Park, LoveBomb Go-Go swept up to the front and 
entertained the crowd with horn-and-drum driven marching band music.

About 40 organizations cosponsored the event. Media coverage included a KGW 
story that not only showed the march, but the aftermath of US bombs that hit a 
Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan just days before.

The two-part Video Bus episode capturing all of this was produced by Dan 
Handelman from video provided by Mungen Cakes and PC Peri.

Part 1 of "End the Wars: 14 Years in Afghanistan" plays back at the following 

Tuesday, February 2 (late night Monday, February 1) at 12:30 AM
   on Comcast Channel 22
Wednesday, February 3 at 11 PM on Channel 23 Comcast and
Friday, February 5 at 9:30 PM on Channel 11, Cable Access Network,

Part two plays back the following week:

Tuesday, February 9 (late night Monday, February 8) at 12:30 AM
   on Comcast Channel 22
Wednesday, February 10 at 11 PM on Channel 23 Comcast and
Friday, February 12 at 9:30 PM on Channel 11, Cable Access Network,

DVD (or VHS) copies of the show will be available in late February for a
suggested donation of $11 plus $4 postage. Streaming rights for this or any
of our shows can be obtained for $75 per program (individuals / nonprofits)
or $125 (larger institutions). Once you obtain streaming rights, the show
can be posted on line for all the world to see-- for free, on your own site
or ours. See our current streaming shows at

Donations of any size are always welcome to help support our all-volunteer
work. While videos can't be ordered on line (due to restrictions by Network
for Good), general support can be sent via

Please call or write back if you have any questions.
Thank you
Dan Handelman
Flying Focus

PS: PCM continues to cablecast all programs with "letterboxing" so that our
shows, created in old-school 4:3 format, appear in the middle of your
screen. Also, our Wednesday show is carried on the High Definition channel
323 on Wednesday nights, but our shows are not yet produced in HD.

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