[pjw] Event: Veterans for Peace reclaims armistice day Fri 11/11, 11 AM

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Tue Nov 8 15:21:28 EST 2016

Our friends at Veterans for Peace Chap 72 are keeping up their tradition 
of remembering what "veterans day" is actually commemorating-- which is 
dan h
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  Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 20:26:52 -0700 From: Becky Luening 
Subject: #ReclaimArmisticeDay

To: A Message from VFP72 to All Who Are Working For Peace

Veterans For Peace Chapter 72, Portland, Oregon, will hold a celebration 
of Armistice Day at 11 a.m. on Friday, November 11, at Pioneer Courthouse 
Square in downtown Portland. At 11:11, we will chime our bells 11 times to 
commemorate the anniversary of the end of the first World War 98 years 
ago, and then celebrate the peace holiday originally known as Armistice 
Day with poems, readings, and speakers. This is a public celebration, and 
all are invited! Look for the black-and-white VFP flags.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Almost a hundred years ago, the world celebrated peace as a universal 
principal. The first World War had just ended and nations mourning their 
dead collectively called for an end to all wars. Armistice Day was born 
and was designated as “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace 
and to be thereafter celebrated."

After World War II, the U.S. Congress decided to rebrand November 11 as 
Veterans Day. Honoring the warrior quickly morphed into honoring the 
military and glorifying war. Armistice Day was flipped from a day for 
peace into a day for displays of militarism.

Veterans For Peace has taken the lead in lifting up the original intention 
of November 11th—as a day for peace. As veterans, we know that a day that 
celebrates peace, not war, is the best way to honor the sacrifices of 
veterans. We want generations after us to never know the destruction war 
has wrought on people and the earth.

Veterans For Peace is calling on everyone to stand up for peace this 
Armistice Day. More than ever, the world faces a critical moment. Tensions 
are heightened around the world and the U.S. is engaged militarily in 
multiple countries, without an end in sight. Here at home we have seen the 
increasing militarization of our police forces and brutal crackdowns on 
dissent and people’s uprisings against state power. This year, with a 
political arena fueled by hate and fear, the conversation of peace was 
missing from almost every interaction. It is as urgent as ever to ring the 
bells for peace. We must press our government to end reckless military 
interventions that endanger the entire world. We must build a culture of 

This Armistice Day, Veterans For Peace calls on the U.S. public to say no 
to more war and to demand justice and peace, at home and abroad. We know 
Peace is Possible and call for an end to all oppressive and violent 
policies, and for equality for all people.

S. Jenika
Veterans For Peace Chapter 72
"Promoting a Consciousness of Peace"

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