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Hey Peace and Justice Works Supporters

Last month we updated you about the Socially Responsible Investment 
committee, which was considering proposing that the City of Portland stop 
investing in Caterpillar. The vote by City Council is coming up this 
Wednesday, November 30 at 2 PM, and will also include a proposal to divest 
from Wells Fargo and other banks due to their investments in the private 
prison industry.

Below is the call to action from our friends at Americans United for 
Palestinian Human Rights about the hearing. As they point out, 
Caterpillar's not only complicit with the violation of human rights in 
Palestine, but also the ongoing battle over the Dakota Access PipeLine.
dan handelman
peace and justice works

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Subject: Help Portland make history Wednesday, November 30th!

AUPHR Alerts - Palestine and Middle East Events

Help Occupation-Free Portland make history Wednesday, November 30th!
FaceBook Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/125847697894502

The recent election made clear: We the people and our local communities, 
cities and states are going to have to stand tall in order to make the 
world a better place. Here in Oregon, the Portland City Council is poised 
to make history and become the first major US city to divest from 
Caterpillar, a company complicit in human rights violations against 
Palestinians. Help us bend the arc of history toward justice here in the 
Rose City!

On November 30th from 2-5 pm, Portland City Council will review the report 
by the City's Socially Responsible Investments Committee (SRIC). The 
report recommends adding 10 companies to the City's Do-Not-Buy investment 
list, including Caterpillar. The council will hear public testimony and we 
need you to be there. You can also email city council members and show 
your support!

Caterpillar is one of the worst of the worst, violating 6 of the 7 
criteria used by the City to evaluate companies. These include human 
rights violations against Palestinians, abusive labor practices, extreme 
tax avoidance, and environmental violations such as building the Dakota 
Access Pipeline!

There are other companies deserving to be on the proposed list: Wells 
Fargo was recently caught adding fake bank and credit card accounts to 
thousands of unsuspecting customers. Wells Fargo and the Bank of New York 
Mellon invest heavily in the private prison industry, an industry that 
profits from the imprisonment of human beings and that anticipates rapid 
growth under the Trump administration. See Enlace's facebook page for more 
information about private prison divestment: 

Please come out with us and stand up for human rights in Portland! Divest 
from Caterpillar, divest from Wells Fargo and private prisons!

Here is how you can be a part of this historic campaign:

1. On November 30th starting at 12:30pm, join a rally outside Portland 
City Hall in support of divestment.

2. On November 30th at 2pm, join Occupation Free PDX in council chambers 
and hold a sign supporting human rights. Invite your Facebook friends to 
attend too! http://www.facebook.com/events/125847697894502

3. Write or call members of Portland City Council to show your support for 

Mayor Charlie Hales:         mayorcharliehales at portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Nick Fish:     nick at portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Amanda Fritz:     Amanda at portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Steve Novick:     novick at portlandoregon.gov
Commissioner Dan Saltzman:     dan at portlandoregon.gov

Some tips for your calls and letters:

- If you are authorized to represent a faith organization or any other 
group, mention that.

- Talking points can be found here: 

- It is fine to write a short comment.

- Tell the City Council why it is important to you that they put 
Caterpillar on the Do-Not-Buy list-it can be for violating Palestinian 
human rights, polluting our environment, contracting to dig the Dakota 
Access Pipeline, having poor corporate ethics, making bulldozers that are 
simply weapons of war.

- The full researched report on Caterpillar's violations can be found 

- Please also support our ally, Enlace. Let the City Council know you 
stand with the Prison Divestment movement and call for an end to the City 
of Portland's investment in prison profiteers. By investing in prison 
profiteers, the City's financial future depends upon continued 
criminalization of our communities of color. Support placing Wells Fargo, 
the Bank of NY Mellon, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC on the Do-Not-Buy list.

For all of the above actions, please be respectful; remember, we are on the right side of history. Take action today for this historic campaign.

See you on the 30th!

Occupation-Free Portland

Our mailing address is:
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
PO Box 14901
Portland, OR 97293

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