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Below is the updated news release for Friday's protest about the US war on 
Syria. We've added references both to the weekend bombing of Syrian troops 
by the US (which it apparently is now denying??) and the UN Secretary 
General's comment about "patrons" of the Syria conflict who have "blood on 
their hands."
Hope to see you Friday
dan h
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EVENT: "2 Years of US War on Syria" Rally/March Fri 9/23 5 PM

"2 Years of US War on Syria"
Rally/March for Peace and Justice
*Friday, September 23*
5:00 PM
Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill and Broadway

Although the people rose up against a US invasion of Syria in 2013, one year 
later American warplanes (and drones) began bombing that country to attack 
members of the Islamic State, with the US and its allies overtly and covertly 
trying to undermine Syria's existing government. On Friday, September 23 Peace 
and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is co-sponsoring the weekly Portland 
Peaceful Response Coalition Friday rally at 5 PM at Pioneer Courthouse Square 
(SW Yamhill and Broadway) to demand an and to US military intervention in a 
rally titled "2 Years of US War on Syria."

The cease-fire brokered by the US and Russia was threatened and ultimately 
collapsed after American planes reportedly killed 62-83 Syrian troops 
(Telegraph 9/17). UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon spoke of "blood on the 
hands" of the "powerful patrons" behind the ongoing and complex civil war in 
Syria, not wanting to mention the US and Russia by name (Associated Press 

Tensions with Russia over US policy have led to a de facto new Cold War, which 
could turn hot with Russian and American planes at odds about where and whom 
to bomb. The volatile mix has been made worse since the middle of August when 
Turkey began bombs and troop incursions into northern Syria to fight against 
the Kurdish militia there-- even though the Kurds are among America's 
strongest allies in the battle against ISIS in Syria (and Iraq).

In 2014, about 6 weeks after launching the war on ISIS in Iraq, the US also 
launched an unauthorized air war on Syria. Although President Obama pledged 
"no boots on the ground." at least 250 special forces are in Syria (Intercept 
4/29).The low estimate of civilian deaths from the US and its allies since 
September 2014 is 773 (Airwars.org/ABC News 7/29). Civilian casualties 
increased after US policy changed from a zero civilian goal to "accepting up 
to 10 civilian casualties in any action" (Airwars.org 8/8).

A recent poll reported by the Washington Post (August 21) indicated that only 
42 percent of Americans support sending troops to Syria-- but PJW wonders how 
many knew that 250 or more troops are already there. 52 percent were in 
support of a "no-fly zone," even though the US instituting such an area in a 
sovereign country (especially with no UN mandate) would be a declaration of 

PPRC has held weekly rallies for peace every week since early November 2001 
shortly after the invastion of Afghanistan. For more information contact Peace 
and Justice Works at 503-236-3065 or iraq at pjw.info.


PJW also rallied against the third Iraq war on August 6 and 15 years of 
endless wars since 9/11 on September 9. The group is also planning to 
cosponsor another Friday rally in early October:

*Friday, October 7:*
"The Afghan Invasion 15 Years Later"

Even though the government of Afghanistan had nothing directly to do with 
9/11, the US began bombing the impoverished nation less than a month 
afterward. The war has never ended, with ongoing US military operations 
including airstrikes and drone raids, and a promised withdrawal of troops that 
has been scaled back and cancelled.

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