[pjw] INFO: Stop US threats of war on North Korea (Nat'l Priorities Project 8/9)

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Wed Aug 9 12:09:02 EDT 2017

While I'm hoping some of you will brave the 90 degree heat to join us at 
the Hiroshima/ Nagasaki memorial this afternoon at the waterfront
I think everyone should be considering ways to condemn the way America is 
handling the situation with North Korea. Rather than de-escalate, 
President Trump-- who made a lot of the US' invasion of Iraq being based 
on lies-- is threatening what sounds like nuclear annihilation on the 
Korean Peninsula. (Never mind what that would do to the US troops and 
civilians on both sides of the border, much less the retaliation that 
would follow.)

Below is an action piece from the National Priorities Project addressing 
this (most recent) crisis.
dan h
peace and justice works

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Dear President Trump. "Fire and Fury:" Never Again
    By Lindsay Koshgarian
    Posted: Aug. 9, 2017 | Military & Security

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Americans should "sleep well at
    night" after President Trump's threat to rain "fire and fury like the
    world has never seen" on North Korea.

    But his reassurances ring empty.

    The president's deeply disturbing tendency to glorify war has no place
    in determining our country's use of nuclear weapons. The first, and
    only, use of nuclear weapons on human beings was 72 years ago this
    week. We can't do it again.

    It's up to us to make sure that the president's words never become
    reality. Here are three goals we must work toward to make sure that
    they don't:

    1. No new nuclear weapons programs. We must defeat proposals to spend
    $1 trillion "modernizing" the United States' nuclear weapons.

    2. No first use. Members of Congress have introduced legislation that
    would make it illegal for a president to order a first strike with
    nuclear weapons without a declaration of war by Congress. (The
    president could still respond to a nuclear attack). No president should
    have the unilateral ability to launch a first nuclear strike.

    3. Double down on diplomacy. From talks to sanctions, the United States
    and its allies can continue to use proven, time-tested non-military
    options to deal with North Korea. We must protect the United States'
    diplomatic assets - by protecting the integrity and funding of the
    State Department.

    The tumultuous events in Congress this summer have shown us that our
    voices do make a difference. The time to speak is now.

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