[pjw] INFO: Trump White House posts plans for military, police

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Sun Jan 22 16:03:50 EST 2017

In the last two days I was at the Friday Direct Action Alliance protest 
copwatching (got a whiff of some chemical agents), the Sisters Of The Road 
feeder march (not a cop in sight) and the women's march (when they sang
"we shall not be moved" they weren't kidding! It was shoulder to shoulder 
for block after block-- but the cops shut off traffic to the 
bridges on purpose to accommodate the march, and reportedly _hugged_ 

I only saw a few signs for peace on either day. Below is the new White 
House's page on "Making our military strong again" which talks about 
upping the defense budget (really???), creating a missile defense system 
(aka "Star Wars" aka an impossible waste of money and danger to space and 
the planet) and, maybe a genuinely good effort to get medical care to the 
military veterans who the US shoved into cannons and got wounded 
physically and/or psychologically.

They also replaced the Civil Rights page on the White House site with one 
called "Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community"
that is so outlandish I can't begin to address it. The Youth Justice 
Coalition in Los Angeles did an annotated version here:

Well, it's going to be a long four years, so I hope everyone's ready to 
make the world safe for peace and justice.

dan h
peace and justice works

Making Our Military Strong Again

    Our men and women in uniform are the greatest fighting force in the
    world and the guardians of American freedom. That's why the Trump
    Administration will rebuild our military and do everything it can to
    make sure our veterans get the care they deserve.

    Our military needs every asset at its disposal to defend America. We
    cannot allow other nations to surpass our military capability. The
    Trump Administration will pursue the highest level of military

    President Trump will end the defense sequester and submit a new budget
    to Congress outlining a plan to rebuild our military. We will provide
    our military leaders with the means to plan for our future defense

    We will also develop a state-of-the-art missile defense system to
    protect against missile-based attacks from states like Iran and North

    Cyberwarfare is an emerging battlefield, and we must take every measure
    to safeguard our national security secrets and systems. We will make it
    a priority to develop defensive and offensive cyber capabilities at our
    U.S. Cyber Command, and recruit the best and brightest Americans to
    serve in this crucial area.

    Let us never forget that our military is comprised of heroic people. We
    must also ensure that we have the best medical care, education and
    support for our military service members and their families - both when
    they serve, and when they return to civilian life.

    We will get our veterans the care they need wherever and whenever they
    need it. There should be no more long drives. No more wait lists or
    scheduling backlogs. No more excessive red tape. Just the care and
    support our veterans have earned through sacrifice and service to our
    country. The Trump Administration will transform the Department of
    Veterans Affairs to meet the needs of 21st century service members and
    of our female veterans. Our reforms will begin with firing the corrupt
    and incompetent VA executives who let our veterans down, modernizing
    the bureaucracy, and empowering the doctors and nurses to ensure our
    veterans receive the best care available in a timely manner.

    Under the Trump Administration, America will meet its commitments to
    our veterans.

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