[pjw] RSVP: Anyone still get the print Oregonian?

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Wed Mar 29 16:29:21 EDT 2017

While it is the 21st century and we do have internet access here, it's 
been of ongoing use to have copies of the physical Oregonian newspaper for 
a few reasons. One is to track how they cover the news of America's wars-- 
they went from the front page every day to only occasional small stories 
buried in the back, even though as of April 7 we'll have been at war for 
15 1/2 years. (And, are still actively engaged in warfare in the 7 
countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia and of 
course Syria.)

We also use physical newspapers to archive stories for Portland Copwatch 
and frequently depend on them to create interesting looking graphics 
(stills of web pages are quite boring). There is someone who devotedly 
clips out articles for Copwatch but sometimes is out of town, and 
sometimes international stories are back-to-back so having a second copy 

Due to an email mix-up, we only learned that the person who's been 
supplying PJW with papers for years stopped delivery in mid-January, for 
which, well, who can blame them.

Obviously there are many flaws in this concept including that home 
delivery doesn't include the Oregonian's news-stand issues on Mon, Tues 
and Thursdays, newspapers use a lot of resources, and the O doesn't 
deserve financial support, but hey, it's the local paper of record so I'm 
figuring someone on this list might be willing to set them aside and drop 
them off here every couple of weeks.

If that person is you, let me know!

dan handelman
peace and justice works/portland copwatch

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