[pjw] NEWS: Army Times Poll: 89 percent said no to Trump's military parade (2/8)

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Sun Feb 11 15:29:33 EST 2018

FYI, this was an informal poll of Army Times readers-- but 51,000 
responded (!) and 89% said no to the militaristic bombast being proposed 
by the US President.
dan h
peace and justice works

We asked, you voted: 89 percent said no to Trump?s military parade
    By: [74]Tara Copp   3 days ago

    As the Pentagon continues to work on parade options to present to
    President Donald Trump, an overwhelming number of [75]Military Times
    readers have weighed in: Don?t have one.

    The informal poll was launched Wednesday after news reports that Trump
    had requested a [76]military parade and that the Pentagon was working
    on [77]parade options for him.

    As of Thursday afternoon, more than 51,000 readers had responded. The
    majority, 89 percent, responded ?No, It?s a waste of money and troops
    are too busy.?

    The other 11 percent responded ?Yes, it?s a great opportunity to show
    off U.S. military might.?

    On Thursday, Pentagon press secretary Dana White said any parade plans
    were in the very beginning stages, and that the Pentagon had tapped the
    Army to lead the effort.

    ?We are looking at several different options right now,? White said.
    ?The Army is the executive agent. But we don?t have those options yet.
    Its still in nascent stages and when we have those options we?ll
    provide that to the White House and the president will decide.?
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