[pjw] MEETING: Iraq Affinity Group meets Monday, January 8, 7 PM

Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group iraq at pjw.info
Wed Jan 3 17:46:32 EST 2018

Hi Iraq Affinity Group supporters

Here's hoping nobody decides to push the button on their desks before
the next meeting of the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, which 
will be held this coming Monday, January 8 at 7 PM at our office at 2807 
SE Stark.
(Meetings are generally on the 2nd Monday of each month.)

As usual, if you're unable to attend in person we can try to plug you in by
phone, just let us know if you want to do that.

Here's the proposed agenda for Monday's meeting:

   The Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group is committed to educating
   the public about the effects of U.S. policy on the people of Iraq, and
   other areas including SW Asia, North Africa, and the "Middle East,"
   and on the domestic costs of war.

7:00 PM Political update: brief headlines including what's new in
   Iraq/Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iran, Gaza, Korea, and the US

7:25 PM Proposed and ongoing actions:
     ---Guantanamo resolution and 16 years in Guantanamo 1/11/18-- planning
     ---Marking 15 years since the Iraq invasion in March 2018
        Cathy Breen visit? and PPRC Friday Rally 3/16/18-- planning
     ---Troops home campaign / letter to Governor 2017 & Blumenauer
        and war $ home/ Mayor's Conference--updates
     ---War ship dedication (USS Portland) April 21-- discussion
     ---Meetings with peace and justice community members
        --in light of likelihood of more wars
          (including follow up to IVAW Jan 5 2017 forum)--updates/action
     ---BDS resolution regarding City investments-- update
     ---Upcoming ideas /opportunities for educational forums/demonstrations
     --Other recent ideas

8:20 PM Other upcoming events/action items (incoming requests)

8:30 PM Other business--finances/fundraising and office space / phone
       including Ann Huntwork Memorial Fund for Creative Action
     Outreach/membership recruitment
     PJW annual meeting 2/24/18-- discussion

8:40 PM Set next meeting

8:45 PM end

Please write back if there is anything missing from the proposed agenda or if
you want to attend but won't be able to make it.

As always, we need your support to help us keep doing our work!
      Donate on line: http://www.pjw.info/pjwdonate.html

--dan handelman
Peace and Justice Works
      Iraq Affinity Group
      PO Box 42456
      Portland, OR   97242
      (503) 236-3065  (Office)
      iraq at pjw.info

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