[pjw] HEADS UP: Next Iraq Affinity Group meeting WED 12/12, 7 PM + Border

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Mon Nov 26 15:24:32 EST 2018

Iraq Affinity Group supporters:

I'm still reeling from the news that US border agents fired tear as at 
migrants trying to get into the US for asylum. I think we need to express 
out outrage. The Washington Post's report explains why tear gas is 
outlawed in war and suggests it should not be allowed for crowd control 
either. They reference the world's efforts to get rid of chemical weapons 
being related to Iraq and Saddam Hussein.


Anyway, the purpose of this email is to let folks know that due to 
scheduling conflicts we are moving the Iraq Affinity Group meeting from 
the usual second Monday to the second Wednesday, which is December 12, 
this coming month, so mark your calendars. We hope to see more people come 
and help us plan our educational forums and actions. We will be talking 
about the January 11 Guantanamo action and what to do about the 16th 
anniversary of the Iraq invasion come March, among other things.

--dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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