[pjw] INFO: Rally to say "Hands Off Venezuela" Friday 5 PM Terry Schrunk

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Thu Feb 7 09:08:32 EST 2019

I got some details on tomorrow night's Hands Off Venezuela protest.

It is being supported by a number of groups including Portland Jobs with 
Justice, Veterans for Peace (I assume this is Chapter 72-Portland), 
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, Portland Democratic 
Socialists of America, Occupy ICE PDX, Workers World Party, and Oregon 
Fair Trade Coalition.

Below is the text from their facebook event page, which can be found at

This definitely feels like another US-prompted "regime change" where they 
have been so quick to recognize the opposition, and threatened to send in 
troops. The UN Security Council called for a political solution on Jan. 


and yet countries are jumping on the US bandwagon to recognize the 
opposition leadership before new elections have been called or held.

OK, sorry for the short notice, I just needed to get the last details in 
place before sending this out. We contacted people by email to ask about 
the plans but I guess if you don't want to be part of Mark Zuckerberg's 
corporate monstrosity (aka facebook) sometimes people forget to follow up 
the "old fashioned way."

  --dan handelman
peace and justice works

Tell the US: Hands Off Venezuela!
Friday Feb 8, 2019 5 PM 
Terry Schrunk Plaza 364 SW Madison

Join your community members at Schrunk Plaza this Friday at 5pm to tell 
the US government HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! No more military intervention in 
Latin America!


President Trump pushed his advisors to plan a military intervention in 
Venezuela to remove president Maduro. The US administration was also in 
direct discussions with coup plotting Venezuelan army officers. Washington 
has repeatedly encouraged the removal of the Venezuelan government by an 
Army coup. We commit ourselves to campaign against imperialist aggression 
and interference in Venezuela on the part of Washington or the right wing 
Latin American governments.

There are now a series of right wing Latin American governments which have 
escalated aggressive rhetoric against Venezuela, notably Macri in 
Argentina, Duque in Colombia, Piera in Chile to which now we can add far 
right demagogue Bolsonaro in Brazil. There is a concerted attempt to use 
the issue of Venezuelan migrants to justify an imperialist intervention
None of these governments have the interests of Venezuelan people at 
heart. Economic sanctions do not help Venezuela, on the contrary, they are 
designed to inflict pain in the hope that it will lead to the overthrow of 
the government. These actions have a real negative impact on the 
Venezuelan economy which is already suffering a deep crisis. Threats by 
Washington should not be dismissed.

No Sanctions, No Coup, No Military Intervention: Hands Off Venezuela!

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