[pjw] RALLY/MARCH: "No U.S. War in Iran or Venezuela" Sunday 7/28/19 1 PM

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Fri Jul 26 18:19:54 EDT 2019

Hi again PJW supporters
Things are looking good for Sunday's rally and march! We now have all the 
permits in hand, and a great line-up of speakers.

I noticed today that the Morrison Bridge will be closed Sunday so if you 
want to get to waterfront park on time be sure to find an alternate route 
and plan appropriately.

As to the urgency of the event, this is fron an opinion piece that ran 
today on CNN titled "With Iran, Trump speaks loudly but (fortunately) 
carries a small stick":


  Why conflict may still come

  ..despite Trump's instinct to avoid a military conflict, the US and Iran
  may still end up in some kind of military fight. His administration seems
  to believe that its maximum pressure campaign will force Iran back to the
  table and into capitulating to all US demands. However, the pressure of
  US sanctions has only provoked more aggressive Iranian actions.

  In the past month, Iran has mined oil tankers in the Gulf; shot down an
  unarmed US drone, and directed another very close to a US supply ship;
  and seized a British tanker in Omani waters in an effort to pressure the
  US and the other parties to the Iran nuclear deal to provide sanctions

  Ideally, Iran would like to wait Trump out, hoping that elections in 2020
  would produce a Democratic President who'd return to the nuclear accord.
  But that's a long way off.

  However much Trump may want to avoid war, unless the two sides figure out
  a way to engage -- Trump by easing sanctions and Iran by making a
  concession to cover the President's climbdown -- there's a pretty good
  chance we'll be heading for an unnecessary and potential disastrous
  conflict with Iran, well before getting anywhere near the negotiating

So please help us get the message out:  "No U.S. War in Iran or 

dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

On Tue, 23 Jul 2019, Peace and Justice Works wrote:

> Hello again PJW supporters
> As promised yesterday, here is the up-to-date announcement for Sunday's 
> mobilization against wars in Iran or Venezuela. With escalating tense news 
> from the Strait of Hormuz daily, it's important for us to be a visible 
> presence against military action! There are now 36 groups on board.
> Weather reports look good-- perhaps a little on the hot and sunny side, so do 
> wear sunscreen and whatever you need to stay cool in Waterfront Park.
> We are still looking for a few more folks to fill in volunteer slots, 
> especially the security team (training is tomorrow Wed 7/24 at 6 PM).
>  http://www.pjw.info/vols072819.html
> We have located a 10x10 canopy, thanks!!!
> Please share widely. This info and all the links can also be found at
>  http://www.pjw.info/iran_venezuela_072019.html
> Thank you, see you Sunday!
> dan handelman
> peace and justice works iraq affinity group
> -----------------------

     Peace and Justice Works
       Iraq Affinity Group
       PO Box 42456
       Portland, OR 97242
      (503) 236-3065 (Office)
      iraq @ pjw.info

                        "No U.S. War in Iran or Venezuela
                     Sanctions Kill People Too!" March/Rally
                             *Sunday, July 28, 2019*
                                    1:00 PM
              At the Amphitheater east of Salmon Street Springs in
         Waterfront Park (SW Salmon and Naito Pkwy at the river's edge)

     There will be a march and rally on Sunday, July 28 primarily focusing
     on the possibility of US military intervention in Iran and Venezuela,
     but also calling attention to the use of sanctions as economic war. The
     event will take place at 1 PM at the Amphitheater east of Salmon Street
     Springs in Waterfront Park (SW Salmon and Naito Pkwy at the river's
     edge). This is a family-friendly, permitted event.

     The main message of the event is "No U.S. War in Iran or Venezuela,"
     adding that "Sanctions Kill People Too!" Other points agreed on by
     event organizers are:

    o Demilitarize America- war only serves the 1%

    o No occupation, No coup, No media lies!

    o Stop the war on the border

    o Money for people and the planet, not war!

     Cosponsors include Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group,
     Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Jewish Voice for
     Peace-Portland, Hands Off Venezuela PDX, Peace Action Group of First
     Unitarian Church, Code Pink Portland, Portland Democratic Socialists of
     America, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Portland,
     Living Earth, Augustana Lutheran Church, Economic Justice Action Group
     of First Unitarian Church, Alliance for Democracy-Oregon, KBOO 90.7 FM
     Community Radio (media cosponsor), Friends of Sabeel, First Unitarian
     Church of Portland, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee and
     Nasty Women Get **it Done.

     Endorsers include Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, War Resisters
     League-Portland, East Timor Action Network-Portland, Recruiter Watch
     PDX, People Organizing for Philippine Solidarity, Veterans for Peace
     Chapter 72, Oregon PeaceWorks, Little Light of Mine Friends Worship
     Group, Powdermilk Equipment and Supply Team (PEST), Oregon Progressive
     Party, Oregon Wildlife Federation, Climate Jobs PDX, Portland's
     Resistance, Pacific Green Party, Foster-Powell/Lents Neighborhood
     Action Council, Military Families Speak Out-Oregon, BerniePDX, The
     Democratic Party of Multnomah County and Unite Oregon.

     For more information or to get involved, if your group would like to
     cosponsor or endorse or if you want to volunteer contact the Peace and
     Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group at 503-236-3065 (voice or text),
     email iraq at pjw.info , or visit the website at http://www.pjw.info. A
     flyer is available at http://www.pjw.info/iran_venezuela_demo_flyer.pdf
     The Facebook event page for the mobilization is at
     https://www.facebook.com/events/2357913040963681 .

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