[pjw] RSVP/HELP NEEDED: June 8 event, Vancouver P&J Fair, June meeting, more

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Tue May 14 16:48:22 EDT 2019

Hello Iraq Affinity Group supporters:

On April 30, the US used its new trillion-dollar budget hole item the F-35 
for the first time in combat. Where was its test run? In Iraq, of course. 
The bombing of alleged ISIS tunnels came almost exactly two years after 
the US tested the "mother of all bombs" on similar underground facilities 
in Afghanistan.


The Iraq Affinity Group's work continues to be urgent, with Secretary of 
State Mike Pompeo and others threatening to make war on Iran and 
"reminding" Iraq that they pledged to support US interests (as a hint for 
them to stand aside if the US attacks Iran).


I'm going to need one able-bodied person's help for about 1.5 hours 
sometime between now and the end of May to create the banners for our "War 
Ships Are Not Family Fun" action (June 8 at Waterfront Park during the 
Rose Festival:

  http://www.pjw.info/rose_festival0619.html )

If you think you can do it please write back and we'll set up a time.

By the end of June, we want to turn in the paperwork to have a table at 
the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair on Saturday Sept. 14. The cost is $35 
and if you are willing/able to donate some or all of that please send a 
check or use our online donation tool at Network for Good with a note 
that's what the donation is for.


We have two people right now willing to table but are also able to have a 
third person, if you are interested let us know; the time that day is from 
9 AM to 4 PM so you'll have to either join up with our folks early in the 
morning or meet them up there.

We're also keeping up with the planning for this year's Hiroshima/Nagasaki 
memorial on August 6, and an event to mark 18 years since 9/11 in 

We always need more people coming to our planning meetings to keep all 
these activities running well and relevant to what's going on, we welcome 
you-- no orientation needed! The next meeting will be on the THIRD Monday 
of June, the 17th, to accomodate people's schedules (normally we meet on 
the second Monday). Meetings start at 7 PM with informative "political 
updates" to help focus our work.

And, of course, in addition to donating money to help with the P&J Fair 
table we welcome your donations to the Iraq Affinity Group to support all 
of this ongoing work, which we've been doing for over 27 years as of March 
this year. Checks and money orders can be sent to the address below if you 
don't do online donations.

Thanks so much for everything and keep working for peace!!!
--dan handelman
Peace and Justice Works
   Iraq Affinity Group
   PO Box 42456
   Portland, OR   97242
   (503) 236-3065  (Office)
   iraq at pjw.info

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