[pjw] REPORT BACK: Friday rally #3 under stay-at-home orders

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Sat Apr 11 17:37:09 EDT 2020

Hello again supporters of PJW

Four people made it down to Pioneer Courthouse Square this week for the 
limited-attendance, limited-action Friday rally and march; two PJW members 
and two PPRC folks.

As with the last two weeks, we did not use a bullhorn and did not chant 
along the march route. Also, again, nobody took fact sheets from our 
little green wagon of peace. Several of us had face coverings, trying to 
figure out the differing orders from the CDC and the World Health 
Organization on their efficacy. We all stayed socially distant from each 
other and the few passers-by.

We did get a bunch of thumbs up and honking horns and a few pedestirans 
stopped by to express how bad it was to keep spending money on war when we 
have these other crises in our midst.

Unfortunately we also had one person dressed in a reflective vest 
(seemingly a construction worker) who approached, showed his Army and 
American flag patches, and bragged about having been in the special forces 
and killed people. He walked away with his buddies so we didn't have time 
to engage in dialogue asking whether that was really something to be proud 
of with all the death around us now.

We talked about issues including the announced ceasefire between Yemen and 
Saudi Arabia, US troops being pulled out of bases in Iraq and not being 
sent into new rotation in Afghanistan, and the Portland Copwatch call to 
action for people to report warnings (or citations or arrests, which 
apparently haven't happened yet) by Portland Police related to the stay 
at home orders. (Incident report line: 503-321-5120 voice or text.)

Meanwhile, we reached out to the organizers of other area ongoing peace 
vigils. Full information is on our website at
but in short, the regular vigils in Portland on Tuesdays and Saturdays 
(Burnside Bridge and Lloyd Center), in Beaverton on Wednesdays (at the 
Library), and in Oak Grove (near Mcloughlin Fred Meyer) have all been 
suspended due to the pandemic.

The Sandy Peace Vigil (first Fridays) has become "virtual" via email, for 
info you can contact Mary at <sandypeacevigil at gmail.com> ,

Peace and Justice Works will continue to hold down the space on Fridays 
with no more than people from our group so long as we're still technically 
able to meet in City Parks and go out for our 20 minute healthy walk (with 
picket signs) within the bounds of the governor's and city guidelines. As 
always if you want to be added to the "on call" list in case one of us 
can't make it down there please let us know.

We hope you are doing well and continuing to advocate for peace and human 
rights amidst the equally chaotic and calm days we're experiencing.

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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