[pjw] Keeping things peaceful in tumultuous times

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Mon Apr 20 17:17:46 EDT 2020

Dear Peace and Justice Works / Iraq Affinity Group supporters

We hope you are doing well amidst the pandemic and its related 
stay-at-home order. As we've noted many times now, the wars (and police 
violence) aren't stopping because of the virus, so our group is as 
important as ever to promote peace.

We realize there are a lot of groups, workers, and causes seeking your 
financial assistance at this time, and that some people are having a hard 
time making ends meet. On that note, we have a number of regular donors 
and some are not able to contribute to PJW at this time.

We are hoping we can find 3-6 people to donate $10-20 a month on an 
ongoing basis to help "plug the hole." You can set up monthly, quarterly, 
or annual donations through Network For Good (NFG) through our website 

For those not familiar with nonprofit funding, it is much better for us to have 
a lot of people giving us smaller donations than a handful of people giving us 
large donations, which is why we're asking for the $120-$240 commitments.

You can also make a one-time donation through NFG, a minimum of $10 is 
required, or mail us a check the good old-fashioned way to:
     Peace and Justice Works
     PO Box 42456
     Portland, OR   97242

Every little bit helps. Our overall budget including Portland Copwatch is 
just over $12,000 a year, so you are getting a real bargain for your bucks 
with our all volunteer operation. We'd like to continue to be here pushing 
local and national leaders to stop resolving their conflicts through 
violence. Please help how if you can.

Thank you
dan handelman
peace and justice works

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