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Thu Jan 23 12:47:23 EST 2020

Hello PJW supporters
If you missed our November forum on climate change and war and missed it 
playing back on cable access the previous two weeks-- or if you were there 
and want to expeirience it again-- it's now available streaming on line.

Below is a message from me wearing my Flying Focus hat.
--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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Subject: STREAMING VIDEO: Connecting Climate Change and War

Flying Focus supporters:

Thanks to the generosity of the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, our
two-part show featuring a panel discussion on Climate Change and War is now
streaming on line.

You can watch it on our site here:

or on YouTube at


Below is the description of the show including the chapter breaks we assigned to
each half.

--dan handelman
flying focus

Stop the Climate Crisis: End War

    For too long, the movements to stop climate change and to end wars have
    not seen their struggles as one. A November 2019 event coordinated by
    the Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group set out to change that.
    Local Code Pink staff person Cody Urban appeared as part of a panel
    discussion to link the issues of climate change and war. Sahar Yarjani
    Muranovic, Executive Director of Oregon NOW, addressed US policy in
    Iran bringing a historical and personal perspective. Dan Shea of
    Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 talked about Venezuela, having visited
    that country in March 2019 (and in the 2000s). Host Theresa Mitchell of
    KBOO gave brief updates on the US' ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan,
    Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The forum was held at the Augustana
    Lutheran Church.

    The two-part show was recorded by PC Peri and produced/edited by Dan

    For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video

    Part 1:

     1. 0:00: Opening Credits
     2. 1:15: Theresa Mitchell, KBOO: Overview and updates
               on US wars including Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Somalia
     3. 9:07: Cody Urban, CODEPINK:
               The connections between environment and war
     4. 17:38: Cody: Things change when people rise up
     5. 22:05: Sahar Yarjani Muranovic: Iran, a personal and political
     6. 25:48: Sahar: Iran: effects of sanctions /   End Credits

    Part 2:

     1. 0:00: Opening Credits
     2. 1:15: Sahar Yarjani Muranovic: Iran:
              effects of sanctions and US motivations
     3. 9:23: Dan Shea, Veterans For Peace: Venezuela 2006 & 2019:
              Resisting US imperialism
     4. 13:32: Dan: Venezuela: effects of sanctions
     5. 19:44: Theresa Mitchell, KBOO: US and the war in Yemen
     6. 22:28: Q&A: Resistance movements (Sahar, Dan, Theresa)
     7. 25:53: Sahar: Race and class-- follow the impacted /
               End Credits

    The whole show (VB #114.01&02) is available for a donation of $11
    (DVD/VHS) plus $4 postage.

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