[pjw] REPORT BACK: Friday rally #17 under stay-at-home orders

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Sat Jul 18 18:54:12 EDT 2020

Fellow peace and justice activists

Last night at the Friday rally we had six people, all wearing masks, 
holding up signs for peace and police accountability. The first 
announcement related to new posters I added to the little green wagon of 
peace, promoting the rally coming up in just under 2 weeks on July 31. 
That rally will focus on the 75 year anniversary of the bombings of 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and be used to promote the annual commemoration 
which will be online this year.


More on these events in the next few days.

Meanwhile I can report that we had a much healthier set of supportive horn 
honks and pedestrian passers-by this week. Maybe it was the cool breeze 
that we needed during the hot days of summer.

We talked a bit about the federal law enforcement agents who have been 
upping the ante at Portland Protests in the last week or so, including 
hitting a young person in the head with a "less lethal" projectile causing 
serious injury. They also are using tear gas, which is prohibited by a 
judicial order for Portland Police, but not the feds. Trump doesn't 
believe in civil rights, COVID, or the US Department of Justice's own 
directive for Portland Police to not use so much force. That said, my 
comment on our Mayor's response is that he's essentially said "you can't 
attack our protestors, only my police can attack our protestors!"

We also discussed the continued ramping up of US military presence in the 
South China Sea, which seems intended to provoke a confrontation and help 
the President's sagging approval ratings.


We also talked about how the US is negotiating to keep troops in both Iraq 
and Afghanistan despite Trump's verbal pledges to get them all out.



Along the route we noted that the Israeli annexation of the West Bank is 
most likely to happen as it has been for over 50 years-- slowly and by 
creating "facts on the ground" rather than a formal declaration. We also 
noted that Israel is toying with the idea of starting a war with Iran 
before the elections in case Trump leaves office.


We attempted to capture video again as we walked near the Apple store, 
we'll let you know if it came out and when it's posted. Around that spot 
we also renewed the call for money being used for health care, housing, 
education and other human needs rather than war and policing.

I haven't had time to research the mystery of the electronic sign gremlins 
yet but will follow up this week.

Last note, if you are interested in joining us one time or on an ongoing 
basis please RSVP! For now we are allowed to have up to 25 people at the 
SW corner of Pioneer Square each Friday at 5 PM, but it helps to know how 
many signs to bring if we know who's expected.

Thanks and peace

--dan handelman
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