[pjw] INFO: Zaher Wahab event a success! Posted online for all to see

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Tue Jun 30 20:54:30 EDT 2020

Iraq Affinity Group supporters:

Last night's livestream event with Dr. Zaher Wahab was highly informative 
and interestingly interactive, given that people were watching from their 
homes (and _at least_ as far as Estacada, Vancouver WA and Corvallis).

His talk "The US and Afghanistan: A Fateful Partnership" lasted about 40 
minutes, with another 40 minutes of questions and answers fielded by host 
Ani Haines.

Zaher covered the social, political, economic and military situation in 
Afghanistan-- including relating personal stories about having to be 
shuttled to and from the American University with guards, unable to stop 
and get out. He talked about the history of both the US and Soviet 
invasions and occupations of Afghanistan, the international interest in 
its natural resources, ethnic tensions, and recipes for moving fowrard.

The recorded event can be seen on our youtube page. Here is the direct 


Thanks to all the sponsors and endorsers, our onscreen talent and several 
behind the scenes folks (you know know you are!!!).

Feel free to share this info with others.
--dan handelman
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