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Tue May 12 13:59:31 EDT 2020

Hi again!

Now that we finally got the correct URL to you to find our candidate 
questionnaire on peace issues


we also have been tracking the progress of a Human Rights Pledge put 
forward by many of our community allies.

On May 2, Portland Democratic Socialists of America posted the results of 
their pledge on Facebook.

Note that the candidates who responded positively are reflected in an 
image you need to look at on the facebook page (and not mentioned in the 
post itself). I have typed them in below because the graphic doesn't 
reflect which seat people are running for (except one Mayoral candidate).

The text of the pledge is also embedded in the facebook post as a graphic.



Portland Democratic Socialists of America
May 2 at 11:02 AM

We are excited to announce that the following candidates for election to 
Portland offices have signed on to our Human Rights Pledge! By signing 
this pledge, these candidates have committed to:

-not accept campaign contributions or favors from companies that have 
contracts to provide goods or services to the City of Portland.

-campaign for an open and transparent procurement process accountable to 
community concerns, including the addition of language to City Code 
5.33.500 that holds all contractors accountable to the standards set forth 
by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

-vetting city contractors according to the UN standards, City of 
Portland.s Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire, and via community forum

-vote to reinstate the City's socially responsible investment policy and 
reconstitute the citizen advisory Socially Responsible Investments 

The following community organizations have put this pledge forth to 
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Portland Metro People's Coalition
Portland Democratic Socialists of America
International Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
Jewish Voice for Peace, Portland
Oregon Progressive Party
Never Again Action - Portland



Sarah Iannarone

Commissioner Seat 1

Philip Wolfe

Timothy Dubois

Carmen Rubio

Commissioner Seat 2

Julia Degraw

Margot Black

Tena Hurst

Commissioner Seat 4

Sam Adams

It's one more week till election day!

--dan handelman
peace and justice works

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