[pjw] REPORT BACK: Friday rally #9 under stay-at-home orders

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Sun May 24 15:21:59 EDT 2020

Wow, it is amazing how time flies and yet things seem to stand still.

On Friday we held the ninth Friday Rally since the Governor's March 23 
stay at home order, meaning Peace and Justice Works has taken the lead on 
this 18.5+ year event for nearly two full months now.

There were 6 people at the limited-attendance rally, three PJW and three 
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition members. Most of us had face 
coverings, we did not use a bullhorn-- though I have rigged up a tiny 
traffic cone with a handle to make some announcements (which I do through 
my scarf).

We talked about a number of things including the shipment of gasoline that 
had left from Iran to head to Venezuela, prompting fears that the US' navy 
"drug interdiction" ships would interfere. However I'm glad to report that 
the ship docked in Venezuela earlier today with no immediate problems.


As is often the case we received quite a number of supportive honks and 
waves both in Pioneer Courthouse Square and along our march route. There 
was one person who expressed negativity toward us but that was definitely 
the exception.

Nobody took fact sheets.

I raised the question along the way about what's going on with Guantanamo 
under the pandemic.

This article from March 24-- 2 months ago-- says that at least one sailor 
at the base (not the prison) had contracted COVID-19.


On May 3 the NY Times reported they are trying to find ways for the 
prisoners to talk with lawyers over video conferencing.


Once again I reminded everyone that Portland Copwatch is still asking for 
people to contact its incident report line (503-321-5120) if they get 
warned, cited or arrested for violating the stay at home orders, as we 
want to track whether police action is being enforced inequitably. The 
Portland Police announced they are planning to start houseless camp sweeps 
in Old Town as soon as this weekend.


While all 35 other counties in Oregon are opening back up in "phase 1," 
Multnomah County remains in full stay-at-home mode for now. We continue to 
try to hold these events in compliance with those guidelines.

Finally, I am reminded that when we first started as a group, Peace and 
Justice Works used to hold a Peace and Justice Fair on Memorial Day 
(1992-95, 1997 & 1999) to honor those who gave their lives by working 
toward a world with no more wars. I can't imagine what we'd have done 
under the pandemic to bring together dozens of groups who had literature 
tables, our kid-friendly activities, free food, music and speakers.

We're all learning to adapt, and I guess we would have done that then as 

--dan handelman
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