[pjw] REPORT BACK: Friday rally #32 under stay-at-home orders

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Sat Oct 31 15:36:17 EDT 2020

Hello again PJW supporters

At last night's weekly Friday Rally for Peace and Justice, four of us hung 
out in the SW corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square for the rally, masked 
up, and then three of us went on the march. It seemed unusually quiet for 
a warm autumn evening, when there was no rain and it wasn't even dark yet, 
but I'd say that percentagewise, there was as much support from 
pedestrians and cars as usual, there just were not as many people 

These are some headlines we discussed at the event.

--A few news outlets are reporting that Iran is trying to target top 
pentagon officials in retaliation for the assassination of Gen. Soleimani 
back in January. This NBC story says an Iranian national followed the car 
of one official for a short time. This all seems like more propaganda 
getting America ready for war.


--For his part, at last week's debate former VP Joe Biden pledged to 
re-enter the "nuclear deal" but warned Iran not to interfere with the US 


My comment was why are we focusing so much on phantom foreign interference 
when we have people in this country who are actively making it more 
difficult to vote by limiting the number of drop boxes, slowing down the 
mail, and declaring that mailed-in ballots can't be counted after 
election day even if they are postmarked before that? (Not to mention 
calling for voter intimidation by sending out "poll watchers" who are not 
really interested in a fair election.)

--Earlier in October Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered militias in 
Iraq to stop attacking US interests there. It seems this was done in part 
to avoid having the US launch attacks on Iraq in retaliation.


In local news, on Wednesday the City Council voted on a resolution to 
limit the ability of the Portland officers who were deputized as federal 
agents to coordinate with the feds during crowd control situations. The 
resolution, introduced by Commissioner Hardesty, reminds officers of 
several laws and policies that Portland Police have to follow even if 
deputized. At the suggestion of our project group Portland Copwatch, 
Hardesty added an amendment reminding officers they can't collect 
information on people's social, political or religious affiliations 
without suspicion of criminal conduct. The amendment and the resolution 
passed unanimously.


When we got to the part of the march where we talk about money for human 
needs, not war, I also mentioned that Council delayed a vote on Wednesday 
that might cut another $18 million from the police and re-invest it in 
social services. The swing vote on the issue is new Commissioner Dan Ryan.


I also updated last week's news about Israel not complaining that the 
United Arab Emirates will be buying high-tech F-35 fighter jets, because 
the Israelis are going to get stronger weapons from the US. The 
state department told Congress they have OK'd the sales to the UAE. But I 
think Congress still needs to approve it.


(I may have gotten that wrong along the march route.)

Also in Israel-related news, the US is refusing to give its old embassy, 
on the waterfront in Tel Aviv, back to Israel despite (illegally) moving 
its embassy to Jerusalem. In the back of my mind I am hoping that's 
because they know they have to move back into it, but more likely Trump 
wants to slap his name on it and turn it into a casino (I "joked").


Last reminder before Tuesday's election, if you haven't voted and want to 
read about the views of Sarah Iannarone, Mingus Mapps and Chloe Eudaly 
(Ted Wheeler and Teressa Raiford didn't respond), find the Portland 
Copwatch (and community allies) police accountability questionnaire here:


And I might add despite a sign on the wagon, nobody asked for a copy of 
the questionnaire for the last three weeks, and as far as I can tell none 
of the copies on the front door of our office got taken. Hmm.

The Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial sign did its usual thing, going blank next 
to Pioneer Place Mall. As an experiment I walked up toward the rally on 
Morrison St. (one block north) which has the same Max overhead wire 
configuration and it was fine, so the interference is specific to Yamhill 

The video of the sign is now up to 22 views:


More people are always welcome at the event (though it's best if you can 
RSVP so we know who to expect), especially as we set the clocks back 
tonight (don't forget!) and there will be less outdoor activity, consider 
attending once in a while to get fresh air and good vibes.

Thanks and have a safe Halloween!

--dan handelman
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