[pjw] FYI COMMENTS: In Oregon, FBI should not be used to investigate protestors

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Fri Sep 4 16:42:55 EDT 2020

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I wanted to let you all know that Portland Copwatch sent the below letter 
to Governor Brown earlier this afternoon. It came together quickly as part 
of the organizing around the Joint Terrorism Task Force issue.

Fele free to share, and if you like, to send similar messages to her at


There's a lot more to be said but this is a particular response to the
Governor's so called police accountability plan she put out earlier in
the week.


Sorry for duplication for those on the Copwatch (and various other) 

--dan handelman
peace and justice works / portland copwatch

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To: Governor Kate Brown

Re: In Oregon, FBI should not be used to investigate protestors

Governor Brown

We are writing to you as individuals and organizations who have been
working for years on the issue of law enforcement targeting of people's
religious, political and social affiliations to express concern about
your invitation for the FBI to investigate protestors in Portland. So
far as we know, most of the alleged criminal activity relates to
vandalism and minor acts of arson, which are not on their face federal
offenses. We do not believe it is appropriate to involve federal
authorities in these investigations. As guaranteed in ORS 181A.250, no
collection or maintenance can be done of a person's above-listed
affiliations without reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct. The FBI,
however, is not bound by the state statute.

Thus, inviting the FBI to help investigate protests opens the door to
the kind of political, religious and ethnic harassment the FBI has
conducted since its inception. We strongly urge you to retract your
invitation for their assistance.

More importantly, we hope that calling for the FBI's help is not an
indication that you are inviting them to work on the protest issue with
their Joint Terrorism Task Force. That task force includes ICE and other
federal agencies which run counter to Oregon values, some of which also
violated the constitutional rights of Oregonians in the "Operation
Diligent Valor" deployment in July.

We look forward to a timely response on this matter.


Portland Copwatch
Portland Democratic Socialists of America
Brandon Mayfield
Portland Jobs with Justice
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
Jewish Voice for Peace- Portland

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