[pjw] REPORT BACK: More China War Prep: Friday rally #89 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Dec 4 16:03:43 EST 2021

Supporters of Peace and Justice

Last night's Friday Rally for Peace and Justice was attended by nine 
people, masked up and distanced, including two new folks invited by one of 
our PJW regulars. At the Square we were approached by a young man who said 
"No war, all right!" and he took a fact sheet, promising to send us 
information he has about a person who defends death row inmates. Along the 
march route we came across a woman involved in peace rallies for the 
Tigray people/region in Ethiopia who was happy to see people opposing war. 
We also had other signs of interest including the usual smattering of 
honking horns and thumbs-ups. While is was down to a more seasonal 48 
degrees, there was no rain.

These are some of the headlines we talked about:

--The US is going to "upgrade" its military bases in Guam and Australia in 
its efforts to confront China (over a nonexistent military threat).


--While supposedly laying groundwork for diplomatic talks with Russia, the 
US instead traded threats with their delegation over the supposed buildup 
of troops on the border with Ukraine:


--The military has also expanded its forces against the Islamic State into
Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan even though I don't know those countries have 
reported any major activities by ISIS:


--The US and other signers of the Iran nuclear deal began talks again this 
week, but Israel is demanding the US stop immediately due to Iran's 
"nuclear blackmail." Funny Israel still hasn't admitted they themselves 
have nuclear weapons.


--In Iraq, anti-Us Occupation cleric Moqtada Al Sadr was the confirmed 
winner of the election, gaining 73 of the Parliament's 329 seats. Yes, 
that's not a majority, but Iraq had 167 parties competing for 
representation (!!).


--The US and the Taliban's talks included the new Afghan government 
asking for access to its own money that America controls; there was 
no promise to do so despite worsening conditions in Afghanistan:


In local news, I noted that the Commission to design the new oversight 
system voted into effect last November will FINALLY have its first meeting 
next Thursday, December 9. I do sit on this commission so have to 
present "facts-only" to you all. If you want details go to:


and check the "events" tab.

Along the march route, I noted that Israel is  pressuring 
Palestinian journalists to quit jobs or face bans, which seems to me to be 
a violation of international law, but what do I know.


In the last block before we got back to the square, I noted that there 
were 19 Republicans in the Senate who agreed to extend the budget 
discussion until February to avoid a shutdown. This article says if there 
HAD been a shutdown, "essential" functions like the military would have 
been funded. Is it just me, or are housing, healthcare and a clean 
environment actually more "essential" than warfare?


I have a new theory that there are security guards underneath the Gucci 
store at Pioneer Place Mall who have a bank of video monitors and when 
they see the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial sign approaching the push the 
"deactivate peace messaging" button to make the scrolling digital sign 
turn off. Or at least that would make a good cartoon. It turned off again 
by the first security camera.

People seemed to be out and about despite the new fears of the Omicron 
variant. If you are feeling ok, be sure to join us any Friday at 5 PM.

Sometime this week we should have a formal announcement that the Friday 
Jan. 7 rally will start at 4:30 and be focused on the ignoble 20th 
anniversary of Guantanamo prison.


--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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