[pjw] DONATE MAC COMPUTER? A last minute of 2021 donation request

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Mon Dec 27 16:06:25 EST 2021

Hello PJW supporters

I've spent I don't know how many hours and PJW has spent I don't know how 
much money over the last 3 months or so repairing the video card and then 
a failing hard drive in our "newest" computer, a Mac Pro Tower (model 
3,1), which we bought used just a few years ago.

After all these many repairs, the computer is not responding to having its 
power switch turned on. I've checked all the major probable causes and I'm 
fairly sure the power supply is dying/dead.

Given all the time I already put into this computer I don't want to spend 
time working on an upgrade right now, so I'm hoping that someone on this 
list might have a computer that they don't need any more that can be 
donated to PJW.

If you don't have hard drives with system software or a video card that's 
ok (I hope), but if you do that's great.

Once again that's a Mac Pro Tower 3,1 (2008). It MAY be that the 4,1 
and 5,1 models will work too but maybe not with the same video card.


Let me know and we can set up a way for you to drop it off or me to pick 
it up.

Thanks and hoping next year goes more smoothly than this one!
dan handelman
--Peace and Justice Works
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR   97242
    (503) 236-3065 (call or text)
    pjw at pjw.info

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