[pjw] LETTER to OR Senators: Vote to support US embassy in Jerusalem illegal

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Tue Feb 9 17:36:13 EST 2021

PJW supporters

We just sent the below message to both Senators Ron Wyden


and Jeff Merkley

https://www.merkley.senate.gov/contact .

Feel free to share, and to send your own letters if you agree that their 
vote last week was inappropriate.

dan handelman
peace and justice works

Senators Wyden and Merkley:

We were very disappointed to read that the Senate voted almost unanimously 
to keep the US' Israeli embassy in Jerusalem, and more so that each of you 
were among the "yes" votes. The move from Tel Aviv violated international 
norms and sent a clear signal that the US was not interested in a 
meaningful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


This is in contradiction to both a UN Security Council and separate 
General Assembly Resolution.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 (1980) notes that Jerusalem 
is part of the occupied territories and condemned Israel for declaring it 
the capital. The US abstained on this vote.

United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES.10/L.22 (2017) voided the 
legitimacy of Jerusalem as the capital after the US declared they would 
recognize it. This Resolution passed 128-9, with the US among the only 
nine countries in the world voting against it.

Moreover, even the United Arab Emirates, which was coerced by President 
Trump to recognize Israel in exchange for military gear, is planning to 
open its diplomatic headquarters in Tel Aviv.


We urge you to take public feedback, check in with international partners 
including the United Nations, and raise the issue again in the Senate in 
order to reverse the US' unlawful decision and keep open the possibility 
of a just and lasting solution that is fair to the Palestinian people.

dan handelman and other members of
peace and justice works
portland, or

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