[pjw] EVENT Reminder/update: "Guided Missiles, Misguided Policies"with David Swanson Thurs 6/24/21 7 PM

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Wed Jun 16 18:00:23 EDT 2021

Hello Iraq Affinity Group supporters and allies
Since our initial announcement of the David Swanson event on June 24 two 
weeks ago, we've been able to update a few items:

We have a cosponsor (Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland) and endorser 
(Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons); we know the host will be 
Ani Raven Haines; and the color and black and white flyers have been 
updated to reflect this information and remove a typo.

Many of you may have also received a postcard in the mail alerting you to 
the event.

Here again is the web page to get to the information that's pasted in 


Please share widely! And, if you know of a group that wants to also 
cosponsor (for a $10-15 sliding scale to help cover expenses and support 
David Swanson's work) please let us know as soon as possible. If you as an 
individual want to contribute to the expenses, send a check or money order 
to the address or use our online donation form in the signature file 

Thank you!
dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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          Guided Missiles, Misguided Policies, and Changing Direction
                         an evening with David Swanson
                      Thursday, June 24, 2021 7:00 PM PDT
                live stream at youtube.com/peaceandjusticeworks

David Swanson, Executive Director of World Beyond War, is an author,
activist, journalist, radio host and campaign coordinator for
RootsAction.org. On June 24 he will speak on a Portland, Oregon- based
livestream event about efforts to ban killer drones, environmental
impacts of war, and other peace-centered topics. Swanson's books
include "War Is A Lie." He was awarded the 2018 Peace Prize by the U.S.
Peace Memorial Foundation and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace
Prize. An internationionally known figure in the movement, this event
hosted locally gives people in the Pacific Northwest a unique
opportunity to hear his insights and ask questions.

See the livestream at 7 PM Pacific Daylight Time at
https://youtube.com/peaceandjusticeworks .

Instructions for participating in the Q&A period following Swanson's
presentation will be posted at the time of the event, which will be
livestreamed on YouTube and hosted by Portland media personality Ani
Raven Haines. The presentation is coordinated by Peace and Justice
Works Iraq Affinity Group, co-sponsored by Jewish Voice for
Peace-Portland and endorsed by Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear

For more information, or if your group would like to cosponsor or
endorse this event, contact Peace and Justice Works at 503-236-3065 or
iraq at pjw.info .

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