[pjw] REPORT BACK: Over the Horizon: Friday rally #76 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Sep 4 16:01:18 EDT 2021

Iraq Affinity Group supporters

We fared better last night with a contingent of six people rallying at 
Pioneer Courthouse Square and marching all the way back. Two of the 
participants were the person who injured their head last week ("the 
doctors took a picture of my head and didn't find anything"-- but got six 
stitches), and the one who was being abundantly cautious. We once again 
had a lot of support-- and notably a continuation of the peace signs being 
flashed at us from cars. I deliberately carried the sign calling for an 
end to the war in Afghanistan to prompt people to say "didn't we just get 
out of there?" so I could talk about the ongoing warfare we can expect 
(more in the headlines). One person also asked that question about another 
sign calling for the US to get out of Iraq, where of course America still 
has 2500 "advisors" occupying the nation.

Here are some of the headlines we talked about at the Rally for Peace and 

--Since last week's rally, the US bombed Afghanistan twice including 
killing 10 civilians.


---While President Biden announced the war's end on Tuesday, he also 
emphasized the "over the horizon" capability to continue bombing, and 
repeated his catchphrase about hunting people down and making them pay:


--For a little bit of hope, Biden also ordered the government to 
declassify most of the documents about 9/11 even if they embarrass a 
person, group or country; there will still be ones withheld for "national 


--In Syria, Israel once again lobbed missiles into the country with no 
consequences, both in the sense that no people were hurt but also that 
nobody in the world seems to be holding them accountable for these 


--The US continued its provocative efforts against China by, for the 
eighth time this year, sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait:


--In Iraq, it's reported that China sent medical supplies to help as the 
country of 30 million people has reported about 2 million COVID cases:


In local(-ish) news, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office shot and wounded 
a man, making this the 27th deadly force incident in Oregon in just over 
eight months-- the average number for an entire year.


Also, a woman who was seriously injured by a flash-bang at a protest in 
August 2018 (anti-fascists vs. neo-fascists) will receive a $50,000 
settlement this coming Wednesday at City Council.


Along the route I relayed that in addition to the Israeli military 
crackdown on protestors _last week_, during _this week_ they wounded 18 
more people.


And in the final stretch, talking about money for human needs not war, I 
repeated some figures from the National Priorities Project about the War 
on Terror: namely, that between wars and the security state, the US has 
spent $21 trillion which could among other things retrofit our energy grid 
AND provide COVID vaccines for everyone on earth (if need be).


Once again the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial froze up in front of 
the Gucci store, but this time it said "Justice 4" (from the message about 
police killings), and lasted another block and went out fully in that 
block between 4th/5th on Yamhill where the evil spirits live.

I reminded everyone about next week's rally, which is starting early at 
4:30 PM to remember 9/11 20 years later.

"9/11: Twenty Years of War, Stoking Fear,
Erasing Rights and Misdirected Funding"


I'll send out one more reminder this week before that special expanded 
Friday Rally for Peace and Justice.

As always we welcome folks who feel safe and are willing to stay safe 
(with masks and distancing) to join us at SW Yamhill and Broadway any 


dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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