[pjw] REPORT BACK: No War on Russia!: Friday rally #97 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Jan 29 16:04:29 EST 2022

Iraq Affinity Group supporters

With the growing tensions over the Russia/Ukraine situation, one of our 
rally-goers made a few "No War on Russia" signs for last week's rally; we 
were even more glad to have them this week. The five of us attending the 
event, masked up and distanced, received a lot of thumbs ups. I was 
expected some backlash, maybe even an anti-communist slur or something 
(from someone not knowing Russia's not a communist country) but it seems 
most people actually agree not to have a new war. We had the fourth week 
without rain, and the second in a row with patrons outside the Rialto Bar 
(definitely not the same people this week) cheering us on.

You can probably guess one of the topics from the rally, but here's a 

--The Ukrainian President told the west to stop scaremongering, as it's 
causing him unnecessary problems inside his country.


---Meanwhile, the US put 8500 troops on alert, to confront the alleged 
100,000+ Russian troops.


--On the brighter side, the White House says they think they're close to 
agreement on the nuclear deal with Iran, though they're still hinting that 
there's some kind of deadline looming.


--Russia has expanded its patrols of Syrian skies into the area around the 
Golan Heights, which appears to be prompting Israel to back off of those 
airstrikes we keep noting are going on without consequences:


--The US and Europe met with Taliban representatives and pushed them on 
human rights but also pledged to get more humanitarian aid into 
Afghanistan. No update on the US releasing Afghanistan's $9 billion from 
American banks.


--In Iraq, their battle against the Islamic State is now being described 
as more of a law enforcement issue than a military effort. Hmm, wonder 
what would have happened in an alternate timeline if the US had taken that 
approach after 9/11.


In local news, I talked about how the Mayor is trying to push the City to 
spend $2.6 million to buy body cameras and hire six police personnel to 
manage the footage. The Mayor claimed the upcoming vote (on Feb 9, so you 
still have time to comment if you want) is about the hardware, not the 
policies. But if they already decided police get to manage the footage, 
that IS setting policy.

Here's some history on the issue, my report above came from my testimony 
to Council on Wednesday.


Along the march route, I told the shocking (?) story about a Palestinian 
man who died from inhaling tear gas after Israelis raided a refugee camp. 
Shocking in some ways, just another day of occupation in others.


As we came to the end of the march, I talked about how many people do not 
want to see war with Russia, except for a few people-- weapons makers. 
This article says they were sharing emails about how they can profit if a 
war breaks out. Money that should go to human needs instead.


And, well, the gremlins are back, as the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign 
conked out right in front of the Gucci store again after a few hopeful 
efforts in the past couple of weeks.

If you feel up to it, please join us some Friday evening at 5 PM at SW 
Yamhill and Broadway, we're still there every week... since November 2001!

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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