[pjw] REPORT BACK: Col. Ann Wright discusses US/NATO threats to peace

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Tue Jun 21 18:20:40 EDT 2022

Iraq Affinity Group supporters

We were honored last night by a great presentation from retired Army 
Colonel Ann Wright, whose presentation on "The US and NATO's 'Pivot to 
Asia' and Other Threats to Peace" lasted just over an hour including 
introductions and the Q&A period. The talk focused mostly on the US' 
increased focus on and presence in the western Pacific region, with a 
particular warning that starting on June 29, countries will be engaging in 
the Rim of the Pacific military exercise-- known as RIMPAC. Col. Wright 
asked for people to sign a petition calling for this militaristic, 
environmentally damaging and unnecessary action to be canceled.


Her talk included very helpful slides with maps showing the US "hot spots" 
of North Korea, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and the Solomon Islands, and 
noting that the US is sending more military hardware and personnel to 
Guam, the Northern Marianas and Hawai'i. She tied the militarization of 
the Pacific to the North Atlantic Treaty organization, noting 45% of the 
forces to participate in RIMPAC are from NATO. She also noted how the US 
and NATO's posturing is responsible in part for Russia's attack on 

Col. Wright closed her talk by sharing a video featuring poets from the 
nations / areas to be affected by the RIMPAC action; it's embedded in our 
video but you can also see it here:


During the Q&A Col. Wright also addressed her passion for the Palestinian 
cause, saying her duty to speak out against the US government's war 
policies is the same as her duty to speak out against the Israeli 

Host Jenka Soderberg did a great job putting the evening's event into a 
political context, as well as recognizing that it was taking place on the 
national and state holiday of Juneteenth.

We also held a zoom-based after-event where several audience members got a 
chance to chat with Col. Wright directly. Unfortunately due to a technical 
mistake I made we don't have a recording of the further comments from that 

You can watch the presentation/Q&A at this direct link:


In the coming weeks-- most likely sometime in August-- Flying Focus will 
edit together a different version with larger video of Col. Wright (Zoom 
relegated her to the corner of the screen while her powerpoint slides were 
playing), more ways to get further information and 100% less fund pitch 
from the middle.

Thanks to all who helped make the event happen!

dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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