[pjw] REPORT BACK: More guns, more war: Friday rally #114 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat May 28 15:17:59 EDT 2022

Hello again Iraq Affinity Group supporters

I started out this week's rally talking about the two year anniversary of 
the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the 
tragic mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, noting that people learn that 
violence is the way to solve problems because that is how our government 
solves problems.

Five of us got quite drenched when sheets of rain passed over Pioneer 
Courthouse Square last night right about 5 PM. Thankfully the rain let up 
during the rally and then for the march. One person walking by across the 
street yelled "I like your sign!!" (Not sure which one they were referring 
to, but always nice to hear.) We had other people give us thumbs-ups and 
honking horns despite the rainy weather.

So, what else did we talk about?

--The US General nominated to lead NATO wants to use military force to 
help export Ukrainian wheat. What could possibly go wrong directly 
confronting Russia militarily.


---Ukraine's government is calling the idea of peace with land 
concessions "appeasing" Russia akin to what happened with Nazi Germany, 
but this falls into the false narrative that Russia is seeking to take 
over vast parts of eastern Europe.


--Israel is denying the leaked information that they were responsible for 
the assassination of an Iranian colonel last Sunday, seeming more angry at 
the leak than that people seem to feel it's ok to go about killing.


--While our group is supportive of the Iraqi people, their government 
sometimes makes bad decisions, such as a recent vote in Parliament 
criminalizing any "normalization" with Israel, with a possibllity of the 
death penalty. It's one thing if they want to criticize the UAE, Morocco, 
Sudan and Bahrain for turning their backs on the Palesinian cause but this 
is not helpful.


--China ran military drills near Taiwan to counter the US asserting it 
will defend the territory militarily.


--Despite the truce holding, a Saudi spy drone crashed, killing three 
people in Yemen.


In local news, this Wednesday the City is poised to spend $75,000 to 
settle a claim for a woman who was arrested for twerking "in the street" 
during a 2020 protest.


They're also set to approve a $25,000 bonus to attract officers from other 
Oregon agencies, without requiring them to remain employed with the 
Portland Police for any length of time.


Along the march route I noted that once in a while, Israeli courts get it 
right: an appeals court recognized that the government can't allow Jewish 
prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque, perhaps because international law doesn't 
let an occupying nation make permanent changes to the land it occupies. 
(Wonder when they'll declare the settlements illegal.)


And as we headed back to the Square I noted that the Aerospace Industry 
Association (this is a real thing) is lobbying Congress to increast the 
$813 billion miltiary budget because of inflation. BOO HOO. No more money 
for war profiteers please!!!


It's almost not worth reporting that the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial 
Sign stopped working again in front of the Gucci store and then turned on
again after we had returned to the Square.

I reminded people again about the Ann Wright livestream event on Monday 
June 20, which as noted in an earlier email will now be hosted by Jenka 


--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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