[pjw] REPORT BACK: Smoke gets in: Friday rally #129 since stay-at-home orders

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Sat Sep 10 17:13:09 EDT 2022

Iraq Affinity Group supporters:

Not quite living up to the headline here, it was hazy and a bit windy last 
night but the Friday Rally for Peace and Justice was not overwhelmed by 
smoke from wildfires. What smoke there was is somewhat mitigated by our 
policy on everyone wearing masks. We had nine people at the rally and 
march, one new person who just struck up a conversation with a "regular" 
and came along for the entire rest of the event. We were able to give out 
about 30 pieces of literature including flyers for the October 7 special 
Friday Rally on Afghanistan and Syria 
and a newly updated PJW brochure which includes Flying Focus Video 
Collective and a mention of the Friday rallies!

There was a lot of support, including a mom who called us "awesome" 
leading her child to take a flyer, and a lot of cars using horns and 
pedestrians saying "honk honk" in response to a "honk if you love peace" 

I announced the October 7 event and then spoke about, among other things, 
these headlines:

--The head of National Security says President Biden wants "options" in 
Iran if the nuclear deal doesn't go through, which you know means he wants 
to be able to drop bombs.


---In a totally related story, the US flew B52s over the middle east this 
week, as a show of force against Iran. This does not bode well.


--A few weeks ago we noted how the US had fired a nuclear-capable 
missile from California toward China; they sent up a second one this 
week. Remember this when you hear talk of China's "aggression."


--The government in Afghanistan has called for the US to stop sending 
drones into its airspace, again proving the need for our Oct 7 rally 
saying to end the war there.


--And you know how we've been talking about the US having military 
bases in NE Syria without permission... this week they set up a 
third such base. Still no authorization.


---Also in Syria, Israel launched airstrikes against the Aleppo airport 
twice in a week killing at least three.


--On a slightly more positive note, Biden has decided not to label Russia 
a state sponsor of terrorism. Not because of the hypocrisy of the US 
calling others that name, but to preserve food shipping integrity.


--In Iraq, the Supreme Court says it does not have the constitutional 
authority to dissolve parliament, so the political crisis continues.


In local news, Patriot Prayer point person Joey Gibson, whose case of riot 
was thrown out by a judge who said there was no evidence he himself 
engaged in violence, is suing Portland and the District Attorney, saying 
they are politically biased towards the left. Did he see what the police 
did during most of the Antifa vs. "patriot" type events or the 6000 uses 
of force against racial justice protestors in 2020?


Along the route I noted that dozens of journalists who covered Israel's 
most recent bombing of Palestine were pushed off social media; a true sign 
of the "only democracy in the Middle East that the US should support."


And in the money for human needs not war category, the military is 
planning to spend $21 billion (with a b) on Microsoft enhanced reality 
goggles for soldiers. That money couldn't be used to say, provide health 
care, housing or education instead, could it?


This wee the Ann Huntwork Peace Memorial Sign froze up by the Gucci 
store and went out around the corner. The new attendee got my attention 
to let me know it was not on any more and I had to explain it's par for 
the course...

While there is a hospital in Eastern Oregon which is setting aside some 
non-patient areas where masks won't be required, we're still asking 
everyone who attends to mask up for safety. Those who are willing and able 
to attend, we're down at SW Broadway and Yamhill every Friday at 5. If the 
crowd gets too big we can split up to other sides of the street.

--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

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