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Hello Iraq AG supporters
Here's info from Flying Focus about the Col. Ann Wright show, which is now 
streaming online anytime!

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now but wish to do so, let them know at ffvc at flyingfocus.org .

dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group (and flying focus)

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Hello Flying Focus supporters

After completing its playback run on Open Signal/Portland Community Media 11 
days ago, our special edited version of the Portland-based livestream event 
with retired Col. Ann Wright is now streaming online!

You can watch the two half- hour shows directly on our website at:


or click on the links on our YouTube page:


or watch it as a playlist to see both parts combined:


Below is a description including chapter breaks we've to help locate specific
content. We always appreciate any feedback. If you enjoy the show, we hope
you're share it with other people.

dan handelman
flying focus

Retired Col. Ann Wright: US and NATO's Pivot to Asia

Col. Ann Wright, a former Army officer and state department official who quit 
her job in protest of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, spoke on a livestream hosted 
by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group in June, 2022. In addition to 
addressing the United States' military shift from the "Middle East" to the 
western Pacific (particularly China and Korea), and the ongoing neglect of 
Hawai'i (the 50th state) and the US military bases there, Col. Wright addressed 
other issues related to US foreign and domestic policy. These included Russia's 
invasion of Ukraine, the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, the 
environmental impact of militarism, and the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. 
Chock full of facts and a healthy edge of cynical humor, Col. Wright's talk is 
engaging and informative. In part two, she shares a video poem presented by 
indigenous activists opposing the huge military exercise known as RIMPAC, Rim 
of the Pacific.

Flying Focus producer Dan Handelman edited this two-part show together from the 
livestreamed YouTube file and a screen capture of the original zoom call, 
allowing the viewer to see Col. Wright speaking for long stretches where on the 
original livestream she appeared in a tiny corner of the screen. A much more 
complete experience!

Streaming made possible by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group.

For your information, the chapter breaks we assigned for this video are:

    Part 1 (28:28):

      1. 0:00 : Opening Credits
      2. 1:15 : Jenka Soderberg: Welcome, context and introduction
      3. 5:54 : Retired Col. Ann Wright: The US and Nato's Pivot
      4. 10:20 : Hot spots in the Asia Pacific
      5. 18:52 : The Solomon Islands and Oceania
      6. 25:30 : Responding to RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific
          Maneuvers) and NATO (1)
      7. 26:46 : End credits, part 1

    Part 2 (28:06):

      1. 0:00 : Opening Credits
      2. 1:15 : Retired Col. Ann Wright: Responding to
         RIMPAC and NATO (2)
      3. 6:19 : An activist network for peace
      4. 10:39 : Col. Wright shows "Cancel RIMPAC: A Collective Poem"
      5. 16:45 : Q&A: US legislation about Taiwan
      6. 22:54 : Q&A: Supporting Palestinian human rights
         and End credits, part 2

You can use these times to find a particular section if you want to jump to a 
certain portion of the show.

The whole show (VB #124.10&11) can be made available on DVD, USB Flash Drive, 
or even VHS. More information at https://www.flyingfocus.org .

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