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Sumana Harihareswara sh at changeset.nyc
Thu Feb 2 20:29:49 EST 2017

Hi, newsletter subscribers! Thanks for being interested in Changeset
Consulting and my open source project management work.

I've been working with several clients, and wrote a few pieces you might
like. And I'm speaking at some upcoming conferences -- and a government


For several months I've been working on Zulip, a great group chat
application whose next release is due out this week. I'm also pleased I
got to help Wikimedia Indonesia by auditing their code and documentation
improvements for a grant funder. More about my Zulip and WMID work at
https://changeset.nyc/clients.html .

Some of my other clients from the last half year:

I've worked with Open Tech Strategies http://opentechstrategies.com/ on
a few projects -- writing, editing, coding, researching, and onboarding
others. OTS recently asked me to try installing one of their
applications, fix what I could and report what I couldn't. They gave me
permission to post my report publicly:

PokitDok is aiming to make US healthcare more transparent regarding
prices and insurance coverage -- their API
https://platform.pokitdok.com/documentation/ has some pretty neat
capabilities. I advised them on developer engagement strategy, with help
from Heidi Waterhouse http://www.heidiwaterhouse.com/ .

I've just started working with a few new clients. Via Courage IT
http://www.courageit.com/ , I'm improving documentation and open source
processes around Washington, DC's health benefit exchange (e.g.,
https://github.com/dchealthlink/medicaid_eligibility ).

As a followup to a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews documentation sprint
, Changeset just started on a generic linter application. It'll help new
open source projects avoid easily preventable problems, like leaving out
a README or checking secrets into a repo. Frances Hocutt
https://franceshocutt.com/cv/ is the programmer for this project, which
will launch later this month.

And: The Play Generated Map & Document Archive won a few hours of my
services in the Con or Bust charity auction last year, and my project
planning and advice has helped the volunteers there get going on their
site overhaul. https://github.com/plagmada/plagmada-archives/issues


In 2016, I blogged "Advice on Starting and Running a New Open Source
Project", "Rough Notes for New FLOSS Contributors On The Scientific
Method and Usable History", and my new zine "Playing With Python: Two of
My Favorite Lenses" (all available at
https://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2016 ). And I wrote "Toward a !!Con
Aesthetic" in The Recompiler
, discussing a programming counterculture. More of my writing, software,
art, and zines: https://www.harihareswara.net/writings.html

I was also interviewed for a Recompiler podcast
, quoted in an article about institutional memory in open source
, and analyzed in a narrative about learning by observing

See me:

February 8: testimony in a New York state assembly public hearing on
government oversight of forensic science, NYC
Feb. 15: WONTFIX Cabal/Maintainerati, San Francisco
March 25-26: keynote speaker, LibrePlanet, Cambridge, MA
April 28-30: Guest of Honor, Penguicon, Southfield, MI

Details: https://www.harihareswara.net/talks.html

Other updates:

I'm now a certified instructor for Software Carpentry and Data
Carpentry! https://software-carpentry.org/team/ I'm looking forward to
teaching researchers better data management and coding skills.

If your project wants to participate in the next Outreachy or Google
Summer of Code round, apply by February 9th:
| https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/Admin/InfoForOrgs

Your open source project/community that supports free expression & info
exchange online can get usability help:

A project I've been using a lot: LeechBlock.

I agree with Software Freedom Conservancy regarding the U.S.
Presidential Executive Order on Immigration:
and I agree with the Recurse Center:

Best wishes and thanks. Here's to more freedom and safety for all of us.

Sumana Harihareswara
Changeset Consulting

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