[Changeset Consulting updates] PyPI, working with bad patches, theater, & availability

Sumana Harihareswara sh at changeset.nyc
Wed Feb 7 23:25:03 EST 2018

Hi, newsletter subscribers! Thanks for being interested in Changeset
Consulting and my open source project management work.

Working on

2017 was, by far, Changeset's busiest year. The firm helped grow the
Zulip community, spearheaded a language-agnostic, general-purpose linter
tool for OpenNews, and worked on two different government health IT
applications, just to name the biggest projects. I wrote up a
year-in-review post at https://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2018/01/02/0
in case you want more details.

Just in the last few months, I started working on two exciting projects
with organizations close to my heart. I'm thrilled that the Electronic
Frontier Foundation hired Changeset to improve HTTPS Everywhere's
project workflow for developers & maintainers, working with Kate Chapman
via Cascadia Technical Mentorship. And, thanks to funding by Mozilla's
open source grants program and via the Python Software Foundation, the
Python Package Index -- basic Python community infrastructure -- is
getting a long-awaited overhaul. I'm the lead project manager on that
effort, and Laura Hampton is assisting me.

PyPI and HTTPS Everywhere are at the top of Changeset's refreshed
clients page: https://changeset.nyc/clients.html .


If you use Python, I encourage you to subscribe to the new PyPI-announce
mailing list. It'll be low-traffic and we'll only post there with major
PyPI news.

And check out some new work at https://changeset.nyc/resources.html,
such as:

* How to Teach And Include Volunteers who Write Poor Patches
* Inclusive-Or: Hospitality in Bug Tracking -- How do Dreamwidth, Zulip,
MediaWiki, FogBugz, and Debian make it easier for less experienced users
to submit bug reports?
* Advice on Starting and Running a New Open Source Project
* Code Review, Forwards and Back: a play I co-wrote and co-starred in,
about code review, company culture, and collaboration styles


Changeset is available for new engagements starting in mid-March. Do you
depend on an open source project that's clogged with old bug reports,
pull requests, or obsolete docs? Are you waiting for a new feature or
bugfix that's been in git master for months? Changeset can work with
that project, triage bugs, rewrite docs, work with them to set up
release expectations, and help them get moving. Reply and we can set up
a free initial consultation.

And I am available for talks https://www.harihareswara.net/talks.html
this year, and would particularly like to talk with your community about
real-world release management.

Best wishes, as always. And let me know if I'm going to see you at PyCon
in Cleveland!
Sumana Harihareswara
Changeset Consulting

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