[pjw] ACTION: Tell Congress not to undermine Iran nuclear deal

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As noted last week, the Iran nuclear deal is in many ways a meaningless 
victory for US negotiations, as Iran never was seriously pursuing a 
nuclear weapon. (We've been hearing since Iraq War II in 2003 that Iran 
was one year away from getting the bomb... for 12+ years...) It's tinged 
with imperialism for the countries negotiating, most of whom are nuclear 
powers themselves, and removes sanctions which frankly never should have 
been there in the first place.

That said, the US Congress will be voting on whether to support or scuttle 
the deal, and those whose goal is to provoke military action are going to 
try hard to do so.

Sen Wyden, upset that the UN Security Council unanimously supports the 
deal, is voicing his concerns:

MoveOn sent out an action alert last week which I'm pasting in below. 
Again, I'd say anything that ends with non-violent resolution is better 
than war but I wouldn't necessarily bring such enthusiasm to be for the 
deal itself; more emphasis should be on let's not have more war.

-dan h
peace and justice works

Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 23:39:08 -0700
From: Mike Munk
Subject: [pdx] Tell Oregon Dems: Don't kill Iran deal

> From MoveOn

Finally: We have a comprehensive, verifiable, long-term diplomatic
agreement with Iran.

Now it's up to MoveOn members to fight like hell to make sure Democrats in
Congress defend this diplomatic agreement. *The clock is ticking.* We have
less than 60 days until a make-or-break vote that will determine whether
this deal is allowed to move forward. *Less than 60 days to decide whether
we're on a path to peace or war with Iran.*1

Will Democrats accept this deal that cuts off Iran's pathway to developing
a nuclear weapon for more than a decade, in exchange for easing some
international sanctions -- or will they allow Republicans to scuttle it,
likely putting our nation on the path to another unnecessary war in the
Middle East?

Make no mistake, *Republicans can't prevail unless Democrats help them.
Some Democrats are already wavering, and even the best Democrats have been
more muted on this issue than we need them to be. That's why it's
imperative that we call Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Ron Wyden, and
Representative Earl Blumenauer right now with a strong "defend the deal"
message. *

*[The Oregonian reports that both ** Wyden and Merkley spoke in "cautious
tones" when asked for their position on the Iran deal. But Blumenauer
called it a "historic achievement."--MM]*

The American public backs a diplomatic deal with Iran by a 2-1 margin.2
Nonproliferation, nuclear policy, and national security experts agree that
a diplomatic resolution is by far the best way to ensure that Iran never
builds a nuclear weapon.3 And President Obama promised to veto any
anti-diplomacy legislation and to defend this hard-won and verifiable deal.4

*This should be a total no-brainer for Democrats.* But far too many are
feeling acute pressure from lobbyists who oppose diplomacy and the bite of
unrelenting attack adsâ--prodding them to cross over and stand with 
partisan Republicans eager to hand President Obama a loss on this.5

That's why we all need to lift our voices right now. Can you pick up the
phone and call Sen. Merkley, Sen. Wyden, and Rep. Blumenauer?

*Here's where to call: *

Senator Jeff Merkley
Phone: (202) 224-3753

Senator Ron Wyden
Phone: (202) 224-5244

Representative Earl Blumenauer
Phone: (202) 225-4811

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