[pjw] VOLUNTEERS for Peacekeepers on Oct 11 still needed!

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Fri Oct 2 14:05:09 EDT 2015

Below is corrected information asking for Peacekeepers to help guide and 
do de-escalation as needed for the mobilization next Sunday, October 11.
(Other volunteer info is still posted at 

It seems to me in the context of yesterday's shooting in Roseburg that a 
peace march is more important than ever. Our government continues to show 
that resolving issues is done through violence, be it via the military 
overseas or the police at home. People in our society absorb this message, 
and while guns are readily available in America, people who want to do 
damage could also pick up knives, machetes, bows-and-arrows, hammers or 
even sticks and rocks if they're motivated enough to kill. While it's 
appropriate to mourn American lives, on average, over 100 people a day 
lose their lives through violence in Iraq due to US military involvement 
in that country and we're not hearing a daily flow of tears for those 

dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

(minimum of 15 total needed) (Point Person: Joe Keating)

We need fifteen peacekeepers for the October 11 Peace Rally and March!

...Peacekeepers are needed to coordinate the safety of pedestrians and 
automobiles along the route. ...This task is vital to ensure a safe and 
efficient rally and march.

...It is necessary to get coordinated before the event to go over the 
basics of peacekeeping and the logistics of the traffic requirements.

...Whether or not you have been trained before, please RSVP to Joe 
Keating 503-234-2613 or to Peace and Justice Works (iraq at pjw.info if you 
can help on the day of the event (at Shemanski Park and along the 2-mile 
march route). A training will take place at 12:00 Noon on Sunday the 11th 
just prior to the rally beginning. Expect to be "on duty" until 3:30 or 
3:45 when the march returns to the park.

...Just basic nonviolence, de-escalation stuff, but you must attend the
training if you have not before.

..Dress warmly, prepared for rain. Bring a sack lunch, a bottle of water, 
and your cell phone if you have one. Some folks will be on security during 
the rally.

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