[pjw] FYI: Iraq Affinity Group meetings to move to 2nd Mondays staring March 14

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Wed Feb 24 20:30:24 EST 2016

Hello Peace and Justice Works supporters

For various reasons, the Iraq Affinity Group is moving its regular meeting 
date to SECOND MONDAYS at 7 PM starting March 14.

For those playing along at home, the IAG moved the meetings from 
2nd Tuesdays to 2nd Wednesdays in October 2014, but now are moving to 
2nd Mondays.

Hope some of you can make it; this month we'll be doing last minute 
planning for the March 18 Iraq/Libya demo and talking about a spring 
dan handelman
Peace and Justice Works
   Iraq Affinity Group
   PO Box 42456
   Portland, OR   97242
   (503) 236-3065  (Office)
   iraq at pjw.info

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