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If you missed the 25th anniversary of the "Gulf War" protest we hald last 
month, it's captured on this program.

You can read more about the demo and the historical documents included in 
the show at

If anyone would like to donate $75 to the Iraq Affinity Group (or 
directly to Flying Focus) so we can get this show up on line, please do so! 
dan handelman
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Subject: "25 Years Working for Peace in Iraq" next week on the Video Bus

"25 Years Working for Peace in Iraq" next week on the Video Bus

January 16, 2016 marked exactly 25 years since the start of the "Gulf War," 
when the US launched its first of three wars on the country of Iraq. On Friday 
Jan. 15, about 25 people attended the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition 
Friday rally to remember the bombing and call for peace. The only media 
coverage of this event was by Flying Focus Video Collective. Significantly, 
Flying Focus got its start by creating videos during that war as part of the 
Coalition Against US Military Intervention in the Middle East.

This program includes interviews with numerous people at the rally including 
key organizer (and FFVC producer) Dan Handelman of the Peace and Justice Works 
Iraq Affinity Group, a member of CAUMSIME's steering committee (that group 
dissolved in 1992), and various folks attending. The opening segment includes 
images from the course of the 25 years of protests against the ongoing US 
policies doing damage to Iraq (including an image of the article about Flying 
Focus' first incarnation we noted earlier this month* and clips from the 
opening credits of our first series).

This show was co-produced by Barb Greene and Dan, with the coverage at the 
rally by field coordinator PC Peri and John Pacheco.


"25 Years Working for Peace in Iraq" plays back at the following times:

Tuesday, March 1 (late night Monday February 29) at 12:30 AM
    on Comcast Channel 22
Wednesday, March 2 at 11 PM on Channel 23/323 Comcast and
Friday, March 4 at 9:30 PM on Channel 11, Cable Access Network,

DVD (or VHS) copies of the show will be available in late March for a
suggested donation of $8 plus $4 postage. Streaming rights for this show any
of our shows can be obtained for $75 per program (individuals / nonprofits)
or $125 (larger institutions). Once you obtain streaming rights, the show
can be posted on line for all the world to see-- for free, on your own site
or ours. See our current streaming shows at

Consider donating today! FFVC has set a goal to raise $500 by Feb. 29 and as of 
5:30 PM Friday the 26th we're at $420...

Donations of any size are always welcome to help support our all-volunteer 
work. While videos can't be ordered on line (due to restrictions by Network for 
Good), general support can be sent via 

Please call or write back if you have any questions.
Thank you
Dan Handelman
Flying Focus

PS: PCM continues to cablecast all programs with "letterboxing" so that our
shows, created in old-school 4:3 format, appear in the middle of your
screen. Also, our Wednesday show is carried on the High Definition channel
323 on Wednesday nights, but our shows are not yet produced in HD.

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