[pjw] NEWS: Pentagon: Exclusion Zone in Syria Is Not a 'No Fly Zone' (AP 8/22)

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This is from 2 weeks ago but I just came across it. A while back we sent 
out an article about when "boots on the ground" aren't really there if the 
US redefines "boots" and "ground." Now they're doing the same thing in the 
air. As I always say, George Orwell has to keep reminding America that 
"1984" was a warning, not a blueprint.

After all, another word for imposing a no-fly zone on another country is 
"act of war."

dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

Pentagon: Exclusion Zone in Syria Is Not a 'No Fly Zone'
      * By robert burns, ap national security writer
    WASHINGTON Aug 22, 2016, 5:17 PM ET

    Syria has been warned not to fly warplanes in areas where
    American troops are advising Kurdish and Arab forces fighting the
    Islamic State group, the Pentagon said on Monday. But it insisted
    this does not amount to a "no fly zone."

    Reporters pushed press secretary Peter Cook to explain the

    "Our warning to the Syrians is the same that we've had for some time,
    that we're going to defend our forces and they would be advised not to
    fly in areas where our forces have been operating," Cook said.

    "It's not a 'no fly zone,'" he added. Later, he said, "You can label
    it what you want."

    Twice last week the U.S. scrambled fighter aircraft to protect
    American special operations forces and partner forces after Syrian
    government warplanes flew near the northeastern Syrian city of
    Hassakeh. Cook said there have been no similar incidents since Friday.

    "If need be we will send aircraft again to defend our forces," he

    Cook said the most recent warnings to Syria not to fly in areas near
    U.S. troops were communicated through the Russian military, which is
    operating in support of the Syrian government in its fight against
    opposition forces, including the Islamic State militants.

    Asked whether the U.S. policy is to shoot down a Syrian or Russian
    aircraft if it poses a threat to U.S. troops on the ground, Cook said,
    "We're going to defend our forces on the ground, absolutely."

    Cook was highly critical of Syrian military action in and around the
    divided city of Aleppo, which has become a main battlefield in Syria's
    civil war. Relentless shelling and airstrikes have killed more than
    300 civilians in the city since rebels broke through a government
    blockade of the opposition-held east on July 31.

    "The Syrian regime aided and abetted by its allies, Russia and Iran,
    is driving the escalation with its indiscriminate bombing campaign,"
    Cook said. "Bombing densely populated urban areas, interrupting water
    and electrical services and maiming civilians is only adding fuel to
    Syria's civil war and does nothing to degrade extremist groups, which
    was of course Russia's original reason for its military intervention
    in Syria."

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