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Hello again IAG supporters
We'll be talking about more protests around Trump's escalated warfare at 
our meeting tonight; about 20 people were at the PPRC Friday rally a few 
days ago, in part because a separate anti-Syria war protest that had been 
wandering around downtown joined us for part of the rally and march. 
Meanwhile, you may have heard Earl Blumenauer talk about how he was glad 
to see the President take action against the "Butcher", President Assad, 
but wished he'd asked Congress for approval.

Setting aside Trump's likely motivations (distract from political scandals 
and improve approval ratings), I zipped off this email this morning in 
response to a message from the Representative. Resist, indeed.
dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

PS If nothing else is organized quickly, don't forget PPRC meets every 
darn Friday at 5 PM at SW Yamhill and Broadway... (15 years, 4 months+)

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Rep. Blumeauer
Resisting Trump's agenda also means being more thoughtful about responding to 
US warfare. Though whomever used chemical weapons that killed Syrian people 
should be brought to justice, it should be done through means that are legal 
under international law. While we agree (and asked you to require) that 
Congress needs to declare war before Presidents attack other countries, we do 
not agree that "sending a message" by dropping bombs is an appropriate 

Just a few weeks ago, the US caused the deaths of nearly 300 civilians with 
airstrikes on Mosul.

LA Times: Nearly 300 died in Mosul airstrike, making it one of the
deadliest attacks on civilians in recent memory

This included women and children.

The US can't take the moral high ground while committing atrocities in our 
dan handelman
peace and justice works
portland, or

On Mon, 10 Apr 2017, Blumenauer, Earl wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> Donald Trump has been in office less than 100 days. He and his 
> administration, together with the Majority in Congress, have already put in 
> place policies that I believe are threatening the health, safety, and 
> livelihood of our communities -- especially our most vulnerable.
> My response continues to be resistance and to do everything I can to protect 
> the progress we've made and the progressive values we hold dear, 
> Demanding answers on Russia's interference in our election. Hardly a day 
> goes by without a troubling news report about Russia. The more I learn, the 
> stronger the case there is for an independent commission to investigate, 
> which is why I support H.R. 356, the Protecting Our Democracy Act.
> Opposing the administration's budget. I believe this administration's 
> proposals to increase nuclear weapons spending and to build a wall come at 
> the expense of human services, affordable housing, clean air and water, 
> life-saving medical research, diplomacy, and so much more. I'm working 
> my colleagues in Congress to make sure this budget is dead on arrival.
> Keeping the pressure up for Donald Trump to release his tax returns. To me, 
> too many questions remain unanswered about 45's business ties and too 
> conflicts of interest remain unaddressed. I've joined Congressman 
> in keeping this issue at the forefront of Congress, attempting to use every 
> tool in our toolbox to release the returns.
> Making sure no one makes money off the presidency. I've also introduced 
> legislation that would prohibit the use of any taxpayer funds to pay for 
> food, lodging, or other expenses at hotels owned or operated by a president 
> or his or her relatives. This is one small step to make sure that the public 
> never subsidizes a president's private interests.
> Protecting your health care. We successfully derailed the destruction of the 
> Affordable Care Act (ACA), at least for now. I will continue to fight to make 
> sure folks can get affordable, high-quality coverage. The ACA alone, however, 
> will not resolve health inequality, bring down costs, or guarantee access to 
> care. We ultimately need a single-payer health care system -- or 
> for All -- which is why I support H.R. 676.
> This list hardly scratches the surface of what's behind us or what's 
> come. (Click here to read more about the work we've done.) Less than 100 
> days into this administration, we've had losses -- but more 
> we've had a couple of wins.
> Now isn't the time to let up, and I will remain vigilant in my efforts 
> resist.
> Onward,
> Earl Blumenauer
> Member of Congress
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> https://blumenauerforms.house.gov/news/email/show.aspx?ID=XPGJFRRIAUSWA

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