[pjw] EVENT: "No War on Syria, No Global War": PPRC Friday Rally 4/14 5 PM

Peace and Justice Works pjw at pjw.info
Wed Apr 12 16:30:49 EDT 2017

Friends of Peace and Justice Works
While we're looking at more long-term planning, the Peace and Justice 
Works Iraq Affinity Group decided to formally cosponsor this Friday's 
Portland Peaceful Response Friday rally, to be held at 5 PM at SW Yamhill 
and Broadway. The title of this Friday's rally will be "No War on Syria, 
No Global War."

President Donald Trump's efforts to bomb a Syrian airfield last week 
marked an abrupt escalation of US warfare against Syria, led to Russia 
ceasing to communicate about military actions in that country, and put the 
hundreds of US troops on the ground in Syria at serious risk. While all US 
military actions since 9/11 have provoked more conflict in the "Middle 
East" and around the world, the stakes are higher now than ever.

PPRC has held down the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square continuously 
each week since November 2001.  For more information contact Peace and 
Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group at iraq at pjw.info or 503-236-3065.


--dan handelman
peace and justice works iraq affinity group

PS We've been made aware that the "Direct Action Alliance" which was one 
of the sponsors of the Inauguration Day protest is calling for a rally 
Thursday at 5 PM. We have not been involved in the organizing of this 
event but thought others would want to know about it.


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