[pjw] EVENT REMINDER: "800 Weeks of Marching for Peace" Friday, Feb 24, 5:00 PM

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Just sending this reminder about the upcoming 800th PPRC Friday rally. 
Things are tight at the SW corner of Pioneer Square due to construction 
but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

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Subject: [pjw] EVENT: "800 Weeks of Marching for Peace" Friday, Feb 24, 5:00 PM

Hi again
Below is our announcement for the Friday Rally two weeks from tomorrow, on Feb 
24, which will be the 800th consecutive PPRC Friday Rally for Peace and 
Justice. The Iraq Affinity Group is co-sponsoring as part of our ongoing 
support for PPRC and also as part of our ongoing effort to be sure that among 
the real dangers we face as a nation today is an expansion of warfare and war 
crimes. The botched special forces raid in Yemen which killed civilians and an 
American soldier in addition to Yemeni militants is just a harbinger of things 
to come.


But as noted below, the Friday rallies aren't only about war and peace, but 
also about all the inter-related issues.

Spread the word!
dan h
peace and justice works iraq affinity group


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Calendar/News Item

For Immediate Release   February 8, 2017

"800 Weeks of Marching for Peace"
Friday, February 24, 2017
5:00 PM
The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition's
800th Weekly Friday Rally
Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill and Broadway

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition has held weekly rallies since November of 
2001 at Pioneer Courthouse Square, shortly after the US invasion of 
Afghanistan. The rallies focus on human rights issues domestic (police abuse, 
houselessness, racism, spying) and international (US wars, Israel/Palestine, 
drone warfare, fair trade vs. "free trade").  Join PPRC and the Peace and 
Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group to mark 800 weeks (just over 15 years) of 

For more information contact Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group at
503-236-3065 or iraq at pjw.info ; PPRC's weekly rally notice can be found at 
<http://pprc-news.info/node/3>. A flyer for this event can be found at 

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