[pjw] REQUEST: End war ship visits to Portland's Rose Festival

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Mon Jun 12 19:12:00 EDT 2017

Sent this to the Mayor and the media a minute ago.
See some of you at our Iraq Affinity Group Meeting tonight?
dan h
peace and justice works

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Subject: REQUEST: End war ship visits to Portland's Rose Festival

Mayor Wheeler:

We heard a news clip where you expressed appreciation that the Rose Festival 
Fleet was arriving amidst all the chaos there has been in Portland lately, as 
though it were some kind of a relief.

Peace and Justice Works members have, for over two decades now, joined the War 
Resisters League and other groups protesting the presence of war ships in our 
peaceful city. We did so again on Saturday.


The basic message these ships send is that might makes right, especially when 
the government is the one equipped with the weapons. This is essentially the 
same message your police force has been sending to protestors with their 
increased weaponry.

Just as telling are the signs posted on the fences cutting off our public 
waterfront, which read "No Trespassing-- US Navy Restricted Area-- USE OF 
FORCE AUTHORIZED." That's a very jarring message at a "family-friendly" 


In 2012, City Council affirmed it is Portland's policy to end the wars overseas 
and bring our much-needed money home.


Also, as a part of the US Conference of Mayors, Portland has signed onto a 
number of similar resolutions, including one calling for the end of nuclear 
weapons passed in June 2016.


Since you still have three years left in your term, we hope you will join the 
many peaceful people in Portland who do not welcome warships-- especially now 
that our 15.5-year "War on Terror" seems to be getting expanded and ramped up 
by the current President-- and ask that the Navy keep their ships off of our 
Waterfront in the years to come.

Thank you
dan handelman
--Peace and Justice Works
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    Portland, OR   97242
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